Will “Wednesday” have season 2 on Netflix?

wednesday” (“Merlina” in Latin America and “Miércoles” in Spain), a live action horror and dark comedy series created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, premiered on Netflix only on September 23, 2022, but fans of fiction based on the character “The Addams Family” are already asking for a second installment.

The series, which features a cast made up of Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie and Christina Ricci, follows the intelligent, sarcastic and a little dead inside Merlina Addams as she investigates a wave of murders.

After an incident at her old school, Morticia and Homer’s daughter is sent to Nevermore Academy, where she tries to harness her psychic powers and solve the supernatural mystery that plagued her family 25 years ago. Then, Will there be a new season of”?


Until now, has not made any announcements about the future of the seriesbut as seen in the last chapter, Merlina’s dark adventures have not yet ended, so it is very likely that the fiction will be renewed for a second installment.

In fact, in an interview with Empire, co-creator Alfred Gough addressed the possibility of expanding the franchise, stating: “Miles (Millar, his fellow creator) and I are talking to each other about it. There is definitely more you can explore in the world of the Addams”.

Also, considering the good rating that “” has achieved, it is almost certain that Netflix will confirm a second season in the coming weeks. So Tim Burton is coming back to direct some new episodes?

At the end of the first season of “Wednesday”, Merlina gets into trouble with Principal Weems, but that was just the beginning and to fight an ancient demon required the help of all her friends. Although the protagonist got the victory, she also got a new enemy.

Who is Merlina’s stalker? Who will be the new director of Nevermore? Where is Tyler? and What will happen to Laurel? These are some of the questions that a second season of “Wednesday” must answer.

What will happen to Merlina in the second season of "Wednesday"?  (Photo: Netflix)

What will happen to Merlina in the second season of “Wednesday”? (Photo: Netflix)


  1. And one gloomy day was born. When Merlina is kicked out of school for pulling a deliciously wicked prank, her parents send her to Nunca Más Academy: the boarding school where they fell in love with her.
  2. The dark charm of loneliness. The sheriff questions Merlina’s statements about the strange events of the night. Later, Merlina faces a fierce rival in the ruthless race for the Poe Cup.
  3. Friendship, grim treasure. Merlina discovers a secret society. During Contact Day, the weirdos from Never Again meet with the normi of Jericho on the Pilgrim World. Does anyone want candy?
  4. A gloomy night of dancing. Merlina invites Xavier to the Rave’N dance, and Tyler seethes with jealousy… but Fingers has an ace up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Eugene watches over the cave.
  5. You will reap your somber sowing. During her parents’ visit, Merlina digs up her family’s past…and, unwittingly, she leads to an arrest. Enid feels the pressure of having to “go wolf.”
  6. grimly in debt. Merlina’s friends organize a surprise birthday party for her. They mean well, but she’d rather spend the miserable occasion solving the murders…
  7. a grim dilemma. The eccentric Uncle Lucas shares his theory about the monster. Reluctantly, Merlina agrees to go on a date with Tyler in Crackstone’s crypt.
  8. Shadowy forces like a flock of crows. Merlina gets into trouble with Principal Weems, but that’s just the beginning… To fight an ancient demon, she’ll need the help of all of her friends!

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