Will we have a fifth John Wick movie?


Keanu Reeves stars in one of the best action sagas of recent times. This Thursday premieres his fourth film.

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Yes, we are still with our minds set on what will be the premiere of the fourth film of john wick, which will hit the theater this Thursday. But why not get excited that this franchise continues to give cloth to cut? In The Hollywood Reporter They had the opportunity to speak with their director, Chad Stahelskiabout the future of the saga.

The bad news is that after what happened with john wick 4we will not see again Keanu Reeves in this universe. At least for a while, at least not with a fifth. “In our mind, Keanu and I are done for the moment. We will give a break to john wickassured Stahelski.

“I’m sure the studio has a plan. If everyone loves her and she’s crazy, then we’ll take a moment.”, he asserted. In this context, he pointed out that what matters to them, at the moment, is the promotional tour of the film that will end in about three months in Japan. There, a fifth could be born.

As explained Stahelski, “We’ll write ideas on napkins and if they stay with us, maybe we’ll make a movie”. It is clear that after almost ten years of making films for this franchise, everything indicates that the outlook is not encouraging. Much less if we take into account that Keanu Reeves He will be 60 in two years. Will she continue with the same resistance and the same physical condition?

+The future projects of Chad Stahelski

One of the reasons why Chad Stahelski I wouldn’t direct another movie john wick have to do with the other projects to which he has been linked, such as highlanders, Ghost of Tsushima and Rainbow Six. However, the filmmaker was evasive in terms of which one we’ll see first. “TO hollywood You love ads, don’t you? There were some that came out and I was surprised that they linked me ”he said between laughs, while clarifying that it is difficult for him to do more than one job at the same time and that for john wick has not started another project so far.

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