Will there be a sequel? We explain the end credits of The Predator: The Hunt

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These days, after every more commercial movie, viewers expect to see a post-credits scene. The Predator: The Hunt doesn’t have a proper one, but its end credits do show something to excite fans.

What we see in the end credits of the film creates a number of possibilities for the future of the franchise and we’re going to dive into that now.

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So far, all of the Predator movies have taken place in the modern day or the near future, keeping the events all set a few decades apart.

The Alien vs Predator movies play with canon in a way that places the Predator race on Earth many centuries before the present day, but this is ignored as part of the main canon timeline.

Now, in The Predator: The Hunt, the film’s end credits suggest that some changes to that formula are coming in some form in the franchise’s near future.

At the end of the film, Naru kills the Predator, returning to his camp with the creature’s head and the flintlock pistol seen in the film The Predator 2, taken from French hunters.

She warns her tribe that they are still in danger and need to move to a more defensible location, which means she wants to prepare them if more Predators are on the way.

We explain the credits of The Predator: The Hunt

The cave painting-style cartoons in the film’s credits hint at the future of the series as it re-enacts the events of the film, closing with an animated fleet of spaceships approaching the Comanche area.

This could signal a number of different things: a hint of a sequel or something broader for an expansion of the franchise as a whole.

With the ships closing in on the Comanche tribe in the animated credits, this could very well mean retaliation for Naru killing the Predator.

It could also mean more ships arriving to look for their fallen companion, as the Predator movies have repeatedly shown in the franchise that they never leave one of their fallen ones behind if they can avoid it.

The most likely scenario created with the ending credits tease of The Predator: The Hunt is that it means more Predators are coming to see what happened to their fallen comrade and to hunt down and destroy those who killed him.

The Predator: The Hunt is now in the Star+ catalog.

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