Will there be a sequel to Mortal Kombat?

New Line Cinema

after the premiere Mortal Kombat in 2021, with 84 million dollars raised, New Line confirmed what will happen to the film about the popular video game.

Sub Zero was the villain of the first installment.
© IMDbSub Zero was the villain of the first installment.

Last year, New Line Cinema revived one of the most important franchises in the history of video games with a new film: Mortal Kombat. Despite being one of the most played productions on consoles like PlayStation Y segathe fighting game created by Ed Boon and John Tobias it had had a first adaptation at the beginning of the 90s that had not been very well received and that today is practically a cult film among those who remember it with some nostalgia and those who see it as ironic consumption.

The critics were not very favorable with Mortal Kombat in 2021 and in Rotten Tomatoes received only 54% approval. However, this did not interfere with the opinion of the viewers who chose it as one of the films to return to the cinema. Not even the fact that it was released simultaneously through hbo max and in theaters it interfered so that the film managed to perform relatively well at the box office: with a budget of around 55 million dollars, the production raised about 84.

For executives of New Line Cinema and HBO Max (where it was one of the most viewed productions on the platform according to dead line), this was what led them to confirm that they were going to make a sequel. However, in such a changing time where things are not certain until they go into production, this could be forgotten. Especially after so much time passed without any details about the potential filming of the sequel being released.

Finally, dead line confirmed this day that New Line Cinema definitively approved the project for the sequel to Mortal Kombat that will count again Simon McQuoid as a director, just as he did in the first of the productions. The libretto is being written by Jeremy Slaterresponsible for developing fictions such as The Umbrella Academyas well as the scripts of death note for Netflix and the movie fantastic four who starred Miles Teller.

+The figure that will appear in Mortal Kombat 2

The first film of Mortal Kombat He took a risky move and decided to build his story on the back of a character who was not part of the original video games: Cole Youngone of the heirs of scorpion. In this sense, the first story revolved around the legendary confrontation between Scorpion and Sub Zero, which could be replicated in the sequel to the film about which little is known. But if there is one detail to be highlighted that is almost 100% confirmed, it is the appearance of a character who was largely absent from the previous feature film: Johnny Cage. Towards the end of Mortal Kombat a poster was seen about this fighter and hopefully he will be recruited by Cole Young on the next adventure. Who could interpret it? The networks have been asking Ryan Reynolds since said poster was seen, but so far nothing has been confirmed. Probably, now that the project has entered the production stage, they will definitely reveal the chosen actor soon.

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