Will the Russo brothers direct Avengers: Secret Wars?


The Saga of the Multiverse already has a name as it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con with the confirmation of Avengers: Secret Wars, directed by the Russos?

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The san diego comic con It was a real celebration for the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the confirmation of many interesting projects within what was called the Saga of the Multiverse which will have Kang The Conqueror as the great threat to the heroes of Earth. Movies like Captain America: New World Order Y Fantastic Four they delighted the fandom.

However, the most outstanding thing among so many announcements was the return of the Avengers who until now remained oblivious to all the news that came out of the kidney of Marvel or the rumors that emerged on the Internet. Kevin Feige, the number one strategist in cinema, kept everything secret until now that we can confirm Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Y Avengers: Secret Wars like the following team appearances on the big screen.

On the occasion of these two Avengers movies secured for the year 2025 they asked Kevin Feig about the real possibility that these stories are directed, in the same way as the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, by the Russo brothers. This he told dead line “the one” of Marvel: “They are not connected to that. They have been very direct about it. We love. They love us. We want to find something to do together, but not this”.

The Avengers will return to the MCU


On the other hand, it should be remembered that in 2020 Joe Russo said the following about Secret Wars: “It would be the biggest movie you can imagine, so that’s what really excites us about the story: the ambition of it is even greater than the ambition of Infinity Saga”. Surely faced with the possibility of taking over that history, the Russos would accept the challenge of surpassing what they achieved with infinity war Y end game.

We can assume that Kevin Feig still has no intention of revealing who will be the filmmakers in charge of Secret Wars nor when will the filming of this film begin. There is also no cast associated with the title that was presented at the san diego comic con and much will have to do with what happens during Phases 4 and 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe regarding the progress of its heroes and villains towards this new implosion.

Meanwhile, the Russo’s schedule is overloaded with work with the recent premiere of The Gray Man in theaters and Netflix as well as the post production of the series Citadel for Prime Video and the final arrangements to start with The Electric State from the Giant of Streaming, set in a futuristic past where an orphaned teenager crosses North America with a mysterious robot and a homeless man in search of her brother. You guessed it: It’s based on a graphic novel.

Will the Russo brothers be able to agree with Kevin Feig to be in charge of Secret Wars? In graphic novels it is a story where the heroes and villains of Marvel They are transported to a distant planet for an anthological confrontation. The responsible? A being of inexhaustible power, the Beyonder, who also owns a curiosity that doesn’t care how much damage he can cause. Interesting…

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