Will Smith is clear: That’s what he thinks of boycott threats against his new film

In an interview, Will Smith spoke about his new film “Emancipation” and expressed his wish that the profound film finds an audience.

It’s actually hard to believe: in just a few days a brand new movie with Will Smith will be out and nobody is talking about it, the general interest seems to be zero. And that’s despite the fact that The Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua’s true-life slave drama “Emancipation” may well be the 54-year-old’s best acting performance.

That it could be because “Emancipation” is only getting a limited theatrical release before it’s released on the December 9, 2022 is made available via the streaming service Apple TV + should have little to do with it. This is now common practice for streaming services.

Rather, and even fans have to admit, it is likely to be a direct effect of the slap scandal in March this year: Smith was on Oscar night after a tasteless but not particularly surprising joke by laudator Chris Rock about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith stormed onto the stage and slapped the comedian hard in the face. With this blow, which resonates to this day, one of the most popular actors in Hollywood to date not only overshadowed the other award winners of the evening, but also his own Oscar win.

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Some may have completely forgotten that he even received an Oscar for best actor. But everyone knows that his hand slipped. This event will not leave him any time soon and will rub off on his next projects. Some have already announced they will boycott slave drama Emancipation over Smith’s involvement. The actor is well aware of that, as he revealed to Fox 5 DC:

“I fully understand that. If someone isn’t ready, I would absolutely respect that and give them their space if they aren’t ready. My biggest concern is for my team. antoine [Fuqua] did what I consider to be the best work of his entire career. […] The members of this team have produced some of the best performances of their entire careers. And I really hope that I haven’t put my team at a disadvantage through my actions. That’s what I’m working towards at the moment. I hope that the material – the power of the film, the timeliness of the story – I hope that the good that can be done will at least open people’s hearts to see the incredible artists in and around this film , to recognize and to support.”

The trailer offers you a look at director Antoine Fuqua’s slave drama Video.

Will Smith reportedly afraid of ‘getting canceled’

Clearly Smith is aware of how destructive his name can be timely for any production he is involved with. It is no coincidence that the studios have canceled or paused a number of planned film projects with Smith and films that have already been completed, such as “Emancipation”, have been held back for months so as not to be overwhelmed by the slap scandal.

The explosion of violence on Oscar night robbed him of more sympathy than one might have assumed based on the first reactions. But the massive drop in fan interactions through his official social media channels speak for themselves. Smith’s popularity has declined significantly. It was said that his biggest fear was “being cancelled”, meaning being completely boycotted. A huge fear for someone who previously only seemed to stroll on the sunny side of life.

With his statement to Fox 5 DC, however, he in no way wants to draw attention to himself or even make a name for himself. Smith wants to draw attention to all the others who gave their all for this film about the life and suffering of slave Peter (Gordon) and who would be hit hard if he were boycotted. That’s a big gesture.

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