Will Smith: after the slap case, the actor ousted from the sequel to a cult film…

You had to live in a cave to miss the slap Will Smith gave Chris Rock during the 84th Oscar ceremony last March. All the media talked about it, even forcing family members to Will Smith to speak out, including Jaden who said he felt the repercussions badly.

And despite a public apology and a retreat to India, it’s still there, in people’s minds. Especially since his gesture now has repercussions on his film career. Postponed or canceled projects, such as “Bad Boys 4” and “Fast and Loose”, according to the American press. Another should be added to the list, this time at Disney, for his role as the genius in the sequel to Aladdin.

According to information from Giant Freakin Robot, which revealed several exclusives on Disney films in recent months, it could even be that Will Smith will be replaced by a star of Netflix, Dwayne Johnson. “Fast and Furious”, “Jumangi”, “No pain no gain”… The actor has a very long list of roles to his name but this is his last success on Netflix, as John Hartley in “Red notice” , who predicts it for the role of Aladdin if Will Smith were to be removed from the cast. To find out, we will have to wait a little longer since the second part of the live-action will not be released before 2025.

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