Will Opposites Always Attract A Sequel On Netflix? Look

Starring Omar Sy, Opposites Always Attract mixes action, adventure and comedy in a super fun plot – which has been very successful among Netflix subscribers. Anyone who has watched the film wants to know: will the story of Ousmane Diakite and François Monge have a continuation on the platform?

“Reunited after a decade, two very different police officers investigate a murder in a divided city that is the scene of a grand conspiracy,” reads the film’s official synopsis.

In the film, Omar Sy plays the police detective Ousmane Diakite. His partner François Monge is played by Laurent Lafitte.

The outcome of Opposites Always Attract seems to indicate the production of a sequel, but is it already confirmed? Check it out below.

Will Opposites Always Attract A Sequel On Netflix?

Many fans don’t know, but Opposites Always Attract, by itself, is already a sequel.

Produced by Louis Leterrier – filmmaker famous for the Master’s Trick franchise – Opposites Always Attract is the sequel and Opposites Attract.

The original film hit theaters in 2012, and also featured Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte as leads Ousmane and François.

Omar Sy is known for playing the charismatic thief Assane Diop in the series Lupin, also available on Netflix. Laurent Lafitte, meanwhile, is in films like Elle.

In the first film, Ousmane and François investigate the murder of the wife of an influential French politician. The duo reunite 10 years later in Opposites Always Attract.

Netflix has yet to comment on a possible sequel to Opposites Always Attract. In other words, it is not yet known if the crime comedy will win a sequel.

None of those involved in the production have spoken – not Netflix, not director Louis Leterrier or stars Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte.

However, that doesn’t mean that the franchise’s fate is already decided. As Opposites Always Attract debuted a decade after the original feature, Netflix still has a long time to assess its possibilities.

Given the international success of Opposites Always Attract, Netflix has everything to give the green light to the production of a sequel.

However, confirmation of the third installment of the Opposites Attract franchise also depends on the cast and production team.

Director Louis Leterrier is busy with the production of Fast and Furious 10, an action movie that should hit theaters in 2023. The filmmaker is also confirmed as showrunner of the Dark Matter series, which will be shown on Apple TV+.

Omar Sy, meanwhile, is preparing to release the films Father & Soldier, Le Chat du Rabbin and the long-awaited Jurassic World: Dominion – in addition to the 3rd season of Lupin.

As a result, it may take time for Netflix to authorize the production of a sequel to Opposites Always Attract.

Meanwhile, Opposites Always Attract remains available on Netflix.

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