Will Michelle Alexander return to work with Melissa Paredes on her soap operas? This said the producer

Producer Michelle Alexander referred to Melissa Paredes and he pointed out that for the moment he has not considered it for any project; However, he did not rule out that it could be part of his future productions.

In a recent interview with the Trome newspaper, Michelle Alexander assured that she wishes the best to the actress who starred in her productions “Sorcerous Eyes” and “Two Sisters”, but that she does not plan to work with her at the moment.

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“I wish Melissa the best and I hope she solves the family problems she has, but for now we don’t have any plans with her… We do not plan any production with her for now “Alexander pointed out.

“Each script has certain character profiles and we look for the right actors and actresses. I do not close the doors to anyone, I would never do that “, added the renowned producer.

Likewise, Michelle Alexander pointed out that she would have no problem calling Melissa Paredes, just as she has no problem calling any other actor for one of her productions.

I do not live thinking about Melissa Paredes, what character is she going to play, I don’t live thinking about Sebastián Monteghirfo, I think about the story and according to the story the casting is done and it is decided ”, he pointed.


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