Will Gustavo sing again? Marília Mendonça’s brother gives a statement when answering questions from fans

Brother of Marília Mendonça, João Gustavo revealed that he no longer intends to sing again. Discreet in relation to his personal life and averse to fame, the musician explained the reason in a conversation with his followers on Instagram, this Monday (21).

“I think that’s the most common question here, whether I’m going to sing again. I’m not going to sing again. I don’t have that plan. It wasn’t doing me any good. I wasn’t happy and that’s it, guys. It’s okay”, assured the 21-year-old.

Gustavo announces the end of the duo with Dom Vittor

In September, Gustavo announced, through his press office, that he was ending the duo with Dom Vittor after being diagnosed with depression and acute esophagitis, triggered by the lack of time to deal with the mourning of Marília’s death in a plane crash in last November.

Gustavo stated that he felt incapable of making decisions thinking about the future and that now he intended to be closer to his mother, Ruth Moreira, and his nephew, Léo, son of Marília, with singer Murilo Huff.

🇧🇷It’s time to take care of myself, understand everything that happened, live what I didn’t live, so I can move on. I don’t know if in music. Today I feel incapable of making a decision looking to the future🇧🇷 My priority is to stay close to my mother, my nephew”, he declared at the time.

Marília Mendonça encouraged her brother to pursue a career

In December 2021, the duo released “Calculista”, a feat that had been made with Marília Mendonça. Shaken, Gustavo decided to continue with the disclosure plan to fulfill a wish for his sister, with his mother’s encouragement.

A month before his death, at the launch event of the Patroas tour, in São Paulo, Marília had begun to introduce the youngest to people in the artistic world, announcing Gustavo’s future career in music alongside Dom.

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