Will GOT7’s Youngjae have a new drama? The clues of its premiere

The GOT7 member’s projects continue and everything seems to indicate that we will see Youngjae’s return as a K-Dramas actor sooner than you imagine.

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The idol has shown new facets this year, debuted as a soloist with his album COLORS from Ars, He premiered several OSTs and we even saw him as an actor in the Netflix sitcom called So Not Worth It, but if you want to see more of Youngjae as an actor then we have news that you will love.

Currently view dramas it’s easier for international fans and it’s all thanks to streaming platforms that continue to gain traction. Such is the case of Viki, whose catalog is in constant renewal and this time added to its list Love and Wish as an upcoming release.

Although there are not many details of the drama yet, Youngjae appears in the main image of the site next to Choi Ye Bin, taking everyone by surprise with the arrival of a possible drama for the singer and actor.

What is Love and Wish about? The drama where Youngjae would act

Although there is still no official announcement, the update of said platform excited all the fans of GOT7. Love and Wish tells the story of a girl named Son Da Eun, a student who, together with her sisters, enjoys fiction and romance stories.

One day she moves to Seoul and discovers that she lives with a very handsome boy named Kim Seung Hyu, so now she thinks that he will be her first love. However he hides a secret from his past due to facing bullying.

GOT7’s Youngjae and Choi Ye Bin for Love and Wish. | source: Viki

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Youngjae and his mysterious filming

Previously, the idol had shared some photographs of his activities through different platforms and although several of them corresponded to the preparations for his album, he also raised suspicions of being making recordings of a drama.

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That happened after the singer added photographs where it is observed that he wears a school uniform and another where he seemed to be in a hospital, so as soon as Love and Wish began to appear on Viki, suspicions that the images correspond to this series were raised. According to the streaming site, the Korean series could premiere around December 23.

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