Will 1899 get a second season on Netflix? see what we know

Success on Netflix, 1899 leads the platform’s Top 10 since its debut. Daring, mysterious and full of twists, this European series also stands out for its multinational cast. Anyone who has already checked out the 8 episodes of the 1st season wants to know: will the production have a second year on streaming?

“The year is 1899 and mysterious events have changed the course of an immigrant ship bound for New York. Now, passengers will have to unravel a mind-boggling riddle,” states the official 1899 synopsis on Netflix.

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In addition to conquering Netflix subscribers, 1899 won the hearts of specialized critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has secured an 83% approval rating (in addition to a 9.1 on IMDB).

We reveal below everything that is already known about the 2nd season of 1899 on Netflix; check out. (via Cosmopolitan🇧🇷

Will 1899 get a second season on Netflix? Platform already confirmed the new episodes?

So far, Netflix has not confirmed the production of a 2nd season of 1899. However, fans need not despair.

As the series arrived on Netflix on November 17, the platform still has a good amount of time to define the fate of the production.

Usually, Netflix analyzes two aspects when renewing (or canceling) its original series: audience and production cost.

1899 rocks the audience. Since its premiere, the series has topped the Netflix Top 10. The cost of production, however, is quite high. After all, 1899 is full of special effects.

Soon, Netflix is ​​faced with a difficult decision. The platform should release news by March 2023. Keep an eye out!

Who returns in 1899 2?

If Netflix opts to renew 1899 for a second season, almost all of the original cast should return in year two. The only characters not expected to return are the ones who died in the first few episodes.

The main cast of 1899 is formed by Emily Beecham (Maura Franklin), Aneurin Barnard (Daniel Solace), Andreas Pietschmann (Eyk Larsen), Miguel Bernardeau (Ángel), José Pimentão (Ramiro), Isabella Wei (Ling Yi), Gabby Wong (Yuk Je), Yann Gael (Jérôme), Mathilde Ollivier (Clémence), Jonas Bloquet (Lucien), Rosalie Craig (Virginia), Maciej Musiał (Olek), Clara Rosager (Tove), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (Krester), Maria Erwolter (Iben), Alexandre Willaume (Anker) and Tino Mewes (Sebastian).

What do the creators of 1899 say about Season 2?

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are hopeful for the renewal of 1899 for Season 2. The showrunners, it is worth remembering, were accused of plagiarism by a Brazilian artist.

In a chat with the IndieWire website, the duo said they already know how the series will end. Apparently, the next episodes will have an even greater number of twists.

Odar also explained how 1899 is different from Dark, his previous project, and what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

“In Dark, we really think the audience is smart and can have fun with this puzzle. Therefore, our intention was not to deceive you. In 1899, we preferred to put a play at the front, showing viewers that, of course, it’s just a play. You just haven’t figured out what the trick is yet,” explained the showrunner.

The ending of the 1st season of 1899 definitely leaves the way open for the production of new episodes.

While the Netflix does not confirm the next episodes, you can check the 1st season of 1899 on the platform.

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