Wijndal wants to be a fixed value for Ajax: ‘Must show that I belong in that place’

Owen Wijndal had hoped to be a permanent fixture for Ajax sooner, he tells it General Journal. However, the left back has had to deal with injuries and is now working hard to become the best version of himself.

“If you make a transfer like this, you hope to be a permanent fixture soon,” said an honest Wijndal. ‘But I know what my qualities are. Now I have to show that I belong in that place. It’s up to me to become number one as a left back. I have to make sure that the trainer can no longer ignore me.’

Due to the injury of Devyne Rensch and the departure of Daley Blind, Wijndal has playing time in Sunday’s De Classic. At the time of the interview, the defender says he does not yet know whether he will play. ‘You can often see it a bit during training, but at the moment we don’t know exactly what the trainer will do. Bassey has played the last games as a left back and he is fit, so we have to wait and see.’

What seems certain is that the Ajax players can count on a lot of noise and opposition from the Feyenoord supporters on Sunday. Wijndal, however, does not seem to be getting hot or cold. “I like these kinds of competitions. You know everyone is watching, the focus is so much on it. You are at your best in these kinds of competitions.’ Whether he already felt rivalry in De Kuip as a player of AZ? ‘Then there is also some rivalry, but to a lesser extent.’

Feyenoord the favourite?

Much of the Dutch football media sees Feyenoord as the favorite to meet without. Wijndal, however, does not want to know anything about it. ‘Is that right? I have no idea, I consciously read and see none of that. In our group lives that we are definitely the favorite. We have the best players in the Netherlands. We just have to win. As a team, of course, we feel the pressure. We are only two points behind with a win and eight points with a loss.’

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