Widow of Erasmo Carlos, Fernanda Passos gets emotional when talking about the loss: "How am I going to smile?"

singer’s widow Erasmo Carloswho died at the age of 81, last Tuesday (11/22), Fernanda Passos used Instagram to talk about her husband’s death and moved her followers.

On the social network, she said that she renewed the subscription to the newspaper that the “tremendão” liked the most and that the serial arrived highlighting her departure:

“I woke up and you weren’t here, I renewed the newspaper subscription for you last week… today it arrived with you on the cover! Baby, it wasn’t the cover you deserved, you couldn’t share space with anyone! Love, the newspaper of the week, of the month, of the year has to talk about you… you have life and love to talk about you every day”, she began.

In the post, she added: “’Vido’, it hurts so much! You never repressed my pain, you always said that I could cry, suffer… I didn’t understand, I thought you didn’t care, but I noticed that you were allowing me to grow, you were there, ensuring my safety, close by that I would break the shell of the egg alone, but prepared to intervene if I got hurt. Baby, I’m doing everything alone, like we used to be, just you and me! You’re taking care of there and I’m taking care of it,” she continued.

“You always said: I work in production, things are fast, direct! Am I doing the production right, love? Am I? I called who you wanted? Did I comfort your friends? Your children? Yours grandchildren? Your fans? I know that if I speak crying you don’t understand… I’m not crying anymore, baby, I’m not going to speak crying so that everyone can hear, so that you can hear me. You said you liked the melancholy I brought in my eyes, but that I smiled with my eyes. Vido, how am I going to smile? Melancholy took over, the smile drowned in pain, in tears, in grief. Finally, I am Fernanda Esteves, as you wanted and did!

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