Why Yuridia could go to jail after a concert in Aguascalientes

Singer Yuridia She is one of those who give everything for her audience no matter what, but precisely that could cost her dearly, although it seems hard to believe. Even her recent actions could lead her to prison for a long time, which has generated a lot of surprise among the public opinion of Mexico.

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Although this information is something else for the police pages, everyone has shown interest because, indeed, the Mexican artist is at risk of going to jail for up to three years for something she would have committed at her concert last week in Aguascalienteswhich is classified as a crime.

What is so serious that Yuridia goes to jail? That question may be the most important at the moment, so now we are going to recount the events that have caused this scenario for the artist.

The singer appeared at the popular Aguascalientes event while infected with covid, according to herself (Photo: Yuridia / Instagram)


Last Monday, May 2, Yuridia performed a concert in the palenque of the San Marcos Fairwhich did not start very well due to problems with the sound, according to some videos that have circulated on social networks.

Yuridia, while these problems were being solved, began to interact with the public through a kind of conversation and it was there that she herself revealed something that could now put a rope around her neck.

While speaking, the artist assured that the concert that night was shortly to be canceled because she was infected with coronavirus. however, she was standing on the stage, as if nothing had happened.

“Aguascalientes, this show is almost cancelled, do I tell you why? Because he gave me covid and here we are giving everything. Whoever wants to kiss me on the mouth is at his own risk.”said.

The fact drew a lot of attention, worried and also upset many, who criticized the singer for putting her entire work team and attendees at risk.

For having given a concert while infected with this dangerous virus, Yuridia could be sentenced to prison. However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

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“Whoever, knowing that he is sick with a venereal disease or other serious disease during the infectious period, puts the health of another in danger of contagion, through sexual intercourse or other communicable means, will be sanctioned from three days to three years in prison and up to forty days fineis stated in Article 199 bis of the Federal Penal Code of Mexico.

For this to happen, according to the disputed Enrique García López, one of the people who has been at the concert, either a worker or an assistant, must have been infected and report the singer to later carry out the corresponding investigations.

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