Why washing the dishes helps reduce stress

  • The feel of the dishes and the warmth of the water improve the person’s mood.
  • 4 most common mistakes we make when we wash the dishes

Despite do the washing up It is a domestic task rejected by many, there are also some other people who like to clean the dishes. For example, billionaire Bill Gates revealed that this task was one of his hobbies and was part of his daily routine.

Although it seems like a simple activity, the truth is that, in reality, we make endless mistakes when it comes to scrubbing kitchen utensils. Given this, there are homemade tricks that help us correct and prevent diseases.

The reason washing dishes takes away stress

Within this context, a report from the University of Florida (United States) assures that Voluntary dishwashing can combat stressbecause it ignores negative thoughts and focuses our attention on aspects such as the quality of the water or the smell of the dishwasher we use.

Washing the dishes is one of the most hated household chores. (Image: Pexels)

In the study, the researchers had the participation of 51 students who were divided into two groups. Before starting, half of the university students read a text about the importance of concentrating when cleaning dishes; while the other set read a passage about washing dishes.

Later, the authors of the research discovered that those who washed the dishes after reading the concentration passage experienced a positive state of minddetailed The vanguard. This group had a 27% reduction in nervousness and a 25% increase in inspiration. In short, this domestic activity is a vehicle to get rid of stress.

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