Why Violeta Isfel closed her hamburger business

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to stop many activities. This, as was evident, affected the economy of thousands of people, who have had to reinvent themselves to generate income. This is the case of the Mexican actress Violet Down, who opened a burger business in June 2020.

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The hard blow that the entertainment industry suffered caused many actors and actresses to look for another way to generate money. Violeta Isfel took the opportunity to open a new business and began selling hamburgers at home.

The success was such that it opened a first hamburger restaurant and, in February 2021, it opened a second location. Now, Violeta Isfel announced that she has decided to close this business. Why? She tells the reasons herself.

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Violeta Isfel has participated in various soap operas such as “A lucky family”, “Because love rules” and “My husband has a family” (Photo: Violeta Isfel / Instagram)


In an interview with the Mexican television program “De primera mano”, Violeta Isfel announced that she had closed her hamburger business. The Mexican actress explained that she made this decision because the rents of the premises rose and it became impossible to pay them.

“We had to pause because rents went up as if there was no tomorrow. They become impossible to pay. That has weakened us a little bit. I preferred to pause before going into debt or doing something that wasn’t cool or fun, ”Isfel explained.

“When a business begins to be a heap of debts, it is time to stop and say ‘I don’t want to look bad to anyone’; you have to be as honorable as possible and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing from the beginning, “he added.

The interpreter of “My husband has a family” explained that she preferred to stop before having financial problems, but intends to reopen the hamburger business later.

“We know that the economy of our country and the world is not quite good. I think that everything also happens for something at some point in life. I think the best thing is to know when to withdraw or when to pause to, perhaps, get a boost, “he said.

Violeta Isfel also said that she explained to her employees the complicated situation they were going through. They understood how the economic crisis continues to affect businesses around the world in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“All my employees and the people who work with us also understood and know that it was not a ‘no win’ situation, but because the circumstance is currently being very harsh for everyone,” he said.

“It is a pause, it is not a closing or a ‘no more’. I have to save, obviously, because we know that when you start something you invest and it may or may not give you [ganancias]. Right now, thank God, we do not owe anyone and that is already a profit, “he explained on this subject.

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