Why the pout? Jessi Haller counters lip filler criticism

Jessica Haller (32) cannot leave this shit storm uncommented! The former bachelorette is now a successful influencer: her reach on Instagram is a proud 919,000 followers – with whom she shares many aspects of her life with husband Johannes Haller (34) and daughter Hailey-Su (1). Like many stars, mom is confronted with hate online. But Jessi can’t stand the nasty comments about her recent beauty intervention…

Her subscribers have noticed that the 32-year-old’s lips have recently looked a lot fuller – and they have also informed her in an uncharming way: “Many wrote: ‘Hey Jessi, you did something with your lips! You saw before much nicer, much more natural, that doesn’t suit you at all, you’re completely disfigured!'” is annoyed jessica in your Instagram-Story. That hurt her a lot because the subject is very sensitive for her. Then she actually admits: “I told you guys I had a big problem with my crooked lip – and I was trying to fix it to make myself feel better about it. I was struggling with it a lot.”

But Jessi doesn’t seem too happy with the result either! The beauty further reveals: “Right now I’m not 100 percent happy with the situation. […] I never wanted thicker lips, I wanted to correct it – and this is the result. I obviously have a fuller upper lip now, which I never wanted, but I still think it’s okay.” In the end she appeals to her fans: “I have to live with it and be happy […] so please accept it. You don’t always have to find everything beautiful. Still, you don’t have to rub your opinion in everyone’s face.”

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Jessica Haller with lip fillers

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Jessica Haller, net star

Instagram / jessica_haller

Johannes and Jessica Haller in Mexico

Do you understand why Jessica wanted her “crooked lip” corrected?

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