Why Stéphane Plaza is angry with the stars of "Selling Sunset"Netflix’s real estate show!

Apartment or house search, House for sale, Apartment hunters… The real estate programs presented by Stéphane Plaza are multiplying on M6 to the delight of the channel’s viewers. And for good reason, the most famous real estate agent in France is also the favorite host of the French!

An undeniable success… The proof, Stéphane Plaza has often been contacted by streaming platforms such as Prime Video or Netflix. It is at least that the acolyte of Karine Le Marchand confided during a recent interview granted to Cine Télé Revue.

“Maybe the program I have with my dad will come to a platform,” he confided to our colleagues before adding: “I have to cover costs, so it’s not impossible that one day I’ll spend time on Netflix, Amazon or whatever. I know they are quite demanding.

“Only reality TV”

If Stéphane Plaza left the mystery hanging around a possible appearance on a streaming platform, the latter was more frank than ever by evoking real estate shows on Netflix, mentioning in particular “Selling Sunset”.

“The images are beautiful and the houses cannon…”he started before being very tender Mons with the online program since 2019 on the platform. “But it doesn’t happen that way in real life. We will say that there are programs that are part of reality, and others that are only reality TV “… That is what is said!

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