Why specific CST checks will be very rare in the Liège region

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This Friday, Philippe Dulieu, prosecutor of the King of Liège, Jean-Marc Demelenne, DirCo of the federal police, and all the heads of corps of the district of Liège, came together virtually to discuss the controls linked to the CST. So far, the Liège region has not been particularly prolific in this area, the fault of a difference of opinion in the reading of a cooperation agreement. The absence of the mention “police”, in the list of trades authorized to control the CST, had led some heads of corps to conclude that these controls were not their responsibility.

False, argued Philippe Dulieu in our edition of this Thursday. “The fact that we do not list the function of the police officer among all those who can control the CST, does not mean that he is not competent to issue a ticket,” he declared.

A message that was recalled this Friday, thus allowing to tune the violins. “The goal is indeed to intensify controls,” recalls Jean-Marc Demelenne. “Some areas have decided to organize additional controls, others to integrate these controls during their patrols. “

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And according to our information, it is above all the second option that will be favored by a large majority of police zones. Because the period is critical: first, we are indeed approaching the end of the year, with the related holidays; then, the areas are also affected by the Covid, with clusters and certain services that had to be temporarily closed; there is also the strike notice of the common union front which comes to play the spoilsport; and finally, the overtime hours of the first two confinements must gradually be eliminated.

“As always, we will follow the requests of the judicial authority”, we explain to the press service of the Liège police. “But we will do it with our resources and our men. We are also in the process of exploding the ceiling on overtime. “


To the question of whether the Liège police zone will organize controls specifically dedicated to the CST, the answer remains unanswered. “We are awaiting the publication of the royal decree and we will advise accordingly. “


On the side of the SECOVA police zone, where several Christmas markets are expected, it is indicated that there will be no specific control. “We are entering a period of dedicated checks, in particular, to blood alcohol levels, but not only”, explains Vincent Braye, chief of staff. “We will see the infringements within the framework of these controls. “


In the Seraing / Neupré police zone, we note the difficulty of applying measures which, in the end, change very often. “First, I have not yet read the royal decree, so what I know about the measures is what I read in the press”, specifies Yves Hendrix. “Then, it is more and more complicated and difficult to give clear instructions to employees, and therefore to enforce these measures by citizens, or even by restaurant owners. And we ask the police to check all that … We will therefore be attentive to the behavior that we may encounter during, for example, our regular checks in various establishments. And then we will verbalize. ”

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