Why Skittles Candy Will Soon Be Declared "unfit for consumption"

These small multicolored balls may disappear from stores. In the United States, a group of citizens sued the Mars group, which distributes Skittles. And the attack would be rather heavy since these sweets would be “unfit for human consumption”.

In question ? The presence of titanium dioxide. A presence not denied by the agrifood giant. “Although we do not comment on pending litigation, our use of titanium dioxide is in compliance with FDA regulations,” a Mars spokeswoman said in a statement given to The Washington Post. Indeed, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorizes the use of this additive (E171) provided that its quantity does not exceed 1% of the total weight of the food.

A ban in the EU

An argument that does not convince the collective of citizens. The class action lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, argues that the company’s failure to warn consumers of the potential dangers of titanium dioxide amounts to fraud by omission.

From August, this additive will be banned in food production within the European Union. In France, it is already banned since 2018. “Because of the uncertainties about its safety, the Egalim law (law for the balance of commercial relations in the agricultural and food sector and healthy, sustainable and accessible food for all) had ordered from 2018 the suspension of the marketing of this additive and foodstuffs containing it”, explains ANSES. This ban was renewed in January 2022 for a period of at least one year.

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