Why Sinem Ünsal, actress of “Doctor Miracle”, does not have a boyfriend

“Doctor Miracle” He shook the world with the story of Ali Vefa, a young man with autism spectrum disorder and Savant syndrome, who becomes a genius in pediatric surgery. The protagonist Taner Ölmez fell in love with the public with his performance, but he was not the only one since other actors of the cast also shone with their own light, such as Sinem Ünsal, the Turkish actress who gave life to Nazli Gülengül in fiction.

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Sinem Ünsal became known internationally for her role as Nazli, Ali Vefa’s partner and a surgical assistant at Berhayat Hospital. The 28-year-old actress rose to fame with “Doctor Miracle”, the Turkish soap opera that allowed it to be recognized in several countries.

Born in Izmir, a city in Turkey, Sinem Unsal always dreamed of playing roles in film and theater. But it started in another area. Thanks to its beauty, it made a place for itself in the world of advertising. He also worked as a model. In addition, he graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University with a degree in Comparative Literature. The young woman, who began her acting career in 2017, has made a revelation that has surprised everyone.

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Sinem Ünsal became internationally known for her role as Nazli, Ali Vefa’s partner and a surgical assistant at Berhayat hospital (Photo: Sinem Ünsal / Instagram)


During an interview with the magazine “Women’s Shine”, Sinem Unsal He spoke about his personal life, especially about his romantic situation. The Turkish actress surprised everyone with her statements since very little is known about her.

Although in the Turkish soap opera “Doctor miracle” Sinem Ünsal is shown as a sensitive young woman with her boyfriend with autism, in real life the Turkish actress seems to be a more reserved person with her emotions.

She explained it in her own words: “The sense of belonging is not something that I approve of very much. I try not to develop those feelings for anyone. I don’t want to be material for others ”, the actress who gave life to Nazli in the Turkish soap opera began by explaining.

In another part of the extensive interview, which was reproduced by the Turkish portal Posta, he pointed out that he is not a very open person with his feelings. “I can’t even show my love to someone close to me until something overflows inside of me,” he noted.

Her statements have been widely reported in the media, as she has become one of the most recognized Turkish actresses in recent years thanks to the international success of “Doctor Milagro”. Without a doubt, she and her character have very different traits when it comes to expressing their emotions.

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The actress also said that her life is not rosy and that, sometimes, there are situations in which she is involuntarily involved. She made it clear that she doesn’t like feeling so exposed when showing her feelings.

“My life is not always rosy. I can get involved involuntarily in situations that I do not want, “he added and ended by saying:” I live with my dreams. Don’t call him crazy, imagine ”.

Sinem Ünsal is very reserved with her private life. In fact, she does not upload photos of her boyfriend and there are practically no images of her family. “I enjoy the recognition. But I prefer the low profile ”, has indicated in some interviews for the Turkish press.

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