Why Sebastián Martínez almost rejected the leading role of “Until silver separates us”

¿Sebastián Martínez did not want to be in “Till money do us part”? The Colombian actor confessed that he almost ruled out his participation in the Telemundo soap opera that he now stars with Carmen Villalobos and Gregorio Pernía. The remake of the successful fiction, that can be seen onlinehas debuted on the small screen with many surprises, among which the refusal of the interpreter of Rafael Méndez stands out.

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But before filming started Seriein search of the cast, Martinez was summoned to star in the story. However, the artist refused at first.

Now, on the other hand, he seems very satisfied with what is being shown in the new version of one of the classics of Fernando Gaitan. In the interviews that she has given to promote the novel, she has commented that it is a great opportunity in her career.

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In addition, he has been able to be part of a comedy with Villaloboswho has just triumphed with the applauded “woman-fragranced coffee“, beside William Levy and Laura Londono. Find out here what he had originally thought Martínez about “Till money do us part”.

The protagonists in a promotional photo of “Until silver separates us”. (Photo: Telemundo)


Sebastian Martinez confessed that, upon learning of the project, he thought about not accepting the leading role of Rafael Mendez because the first version of “Till money do us part” had been very successful. This is how she declared it in an interview with People en Español.

“He (president of RCN) insisted on me and I read the script, and I had an incredible connection with the character, I felt that it was a great gift that life was giving me, to be able to play a character like Méndez. Today we have been filming for three months and I cannot stop giving thanks”stated the Colombian actor to the aforementioned publication.

He added that his character would be different from the one seen in the first version, especially thanks to the vision of Juan Carlos Perezthe screenwriter of the new TV series. He assured that the original story has been enriched and that some “fantastic characters”.

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The interpreter enjoys great recognition today (Photo: Sebastián Martínez / Instagram)
The interpreter enjoys great recognition today (Photo: Sebastián Martínez / Instagram)


Also, according to the first trailer, the telenovela “Till money do us partof Telemundo has the following plot. Two totally different people will be involved in a series of adventures where they will meet love and learn from each other.

“Alejandra (Villalobos) is a luxury executive, Méndez (Martínez) a salesman with a lot of charisma that destiny will cross by accident. The crash left her bankrupt and Méndez will pay every penny, but what they still don’t know is that love is not bought or sold.”, it is said in the trailer.

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Sebastián Martínez with Carmen Villalobos in the promotion of the telenovela.  (Photo: Telemundo)
Sebastián Martínez with Carmen Villalobos in the promotion of the telenovela. (Photo: Telemundo)


  • Carmen Villalobos is Alejandra Maldonado, a successful high-ranking executive. The protagonist of this story.
  • Sebastián Martínez will play Rafael Méndez, a charismatic and humble merchant whose life changes completely after he accidentally meets Alejandra (Villalobos).
  • Gregorio Pernía plays Luciano, the main antagonist of the story.
  • Laura Flores puts herself in the shoes of Clemencia Maldonado, mother of Alejandra Maldonado.
  • Fabian Ríos will be ‘El Dandy’.
  • Alejandro Tommasi debuts on Telemundo with this story and will be Benjamin, the patriarch of the protagonist’s family.
  • Stephania Duque is Milena Pardo, she is part of the family environment of the heartthrob of the story.

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In Telemundo

The novel “Until silver separates us” can be seen in Monday to Friday on Telemundo and the chapters will be available in the , which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It can also be viewed online at and the new episodes will be uploaded a day later to the streaming platform peacock.

in RCN

While, in RCN, the television production can be seen from Monday to Friday through its signal on the small screen. Additionally, viewers will be able to tune in online through thewhich will only be available for Colombia.

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