Why Niurka Marcos left “The House of Celebrities 2” planted after her expulsion

  • Niurka Marcos did not attend the “The House of Celebrities 2” gala after her expulsion
  • Niurka Marcos’ reaction to being eliminated from “The House of Celebrities 2”
  • Niurka Marcos’ house where she will return now that she was removed from “The House of Celebrities 2”

Niurka Marcos became the fifth eliminated from “The house of the famous 2″. The Cuban vedette left Telemundo’s reality show last Monday, June 20, where she had starred in controversial moments such as Santeria towards Laura Bozzo and the comments about Toni Costa’s ex-wife, generating a lot of surprise among the public because she was one of the favorites.

After leaving the famous program, the blonde planned to go this Tuesday, June 21, to the set of “The house of the famous 2″ to speak with its hosts, Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gállego, about their experience on the Hispanic network’s successful reality show.

However, the Cuban star did not attend the special gala of “The house of the famous 2″ even though he has a signed contract. What the controversial 54-year-old artist did do was talk to the Mexican press about her removal from her reality show and she showed her annoyance with the production. What did Niurka Marcos say? Here we tell you the details.

Niurka Marcos was eliminated from “La Casa de los Famosos 2” last Monday, June 20 (Photo: Niurka Marcos/ Instagram)


During an interview with the Mexican program “First Hand”, Niurka Marcos assured that she was the victim of a smear campaign by the production of “The House of Celebrities 2” during the last two weeks.

According to the Cuban star, this would explain her departure from the famous house: “As if I were the only one inside the house and as if I were the only one nominated, they didn’t talk about the other nominees. It was a week of attack, with 50% of what they attacked me they would have achieved the same goal, ”she told the Mexican television program.

It is for this reason that the controversial vedette made the decision not to appear on Tuesday, June 21, at the gala led by Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gállego, despite the fact that she has a signed contract.

“I’m going to do what my fans asked me, what my people, my followers on my social networks asked me: don’t go to any gala because they don’t deserve it because they spent two whole weeks discrediting you, taking out all your strength, the moments of anger, the moments of intensity and the beauty did not get him out…”, commented Niurka.

About her contract, the blonde pointed out the following: “There is a contract in which it was not included that they discredit my image and the contract says that if you affect my image, the contract goes down.”

Niurka also made it clear through her Instagram stories that she is not burned by her expulsion: “Not at all, I am happy to be out. It was quite an intense experience, quite strong. I have a very nice life, very perfect to which I want to return; but what really affected me was the manipulation of the production.”

Héctor Sandarti’s message to Niurka Marcos after not attending the “The House of Celebrities 2” gala

The hosts of the “The House of Celebrities 2” gala were waiting for Niurka Marcos, but she never attended. This caused Héctor Sandarti to send him a message from her just before the program ended:

“Niurka you know that this is your home and here we will always be waiting for you with open arms,” ​​said the former face of Telemundo’s mornings, as collected to the Cuban star.

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