Why Natalia Téllez distanced herself from Galilea Montijo

Natalia Tellez Y Galilea Montijo They are two actresses and television hosts who, precisely, outside the small screen, strengthened ties and formed a very close friendship, the same one that is no longer the case today. In a recent broadcast of the program “Divine Net”, magazine that they also lead with Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magún and Paola Rojas, the presenter of the freckles acknowledged that she moved away from the host of the program “Hoy” and announced the reasons to everyone’s surprise.

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The artists had the actors Fernanda Castillo and Gustavo Egelhaaf as guests on their program, who were going to talk about the play they have been performing: “Seven times goodbye.” The theme around which the plot of the staging revolves is love, a theme that led Paola Rojas to launch the following challenge: “Why, let’s see if they dare, does each one raise what is their toxic part when it comes to expressing their love?”.

The mental and emotional game caused the intrigue and motivation of the panelists and guests. Natalia Téllez was the first to speak and asserted that not knowing how to set limits is the toxic part of her when it comes to relating to someone, whether as a friend or partner.

The actresses share a panel in “Netas Divinas” (Photo: Natalie Téllez / Instagram)


Natalia Téllez, who recently made her debut as a mother, assured that one of the problems she deals with her psychologist is learning to set limits, because she does not have them and does not know how to set them for people; situation that sometimes makes her have to get away from people, even though she loves them very much, because she does not have the courage to speak directly about the things that bother or disturb her.

“I get to the point of moving away from the people I love very much because I don’t have the courage to speak like an adult…”Tellez said. At that moment, Galilea Montijo interrupted Natalia to question her if that had been the reason why her freckled one moved away from her. “Yes, Galilee… that and for many other things, I have a list”he replied.

“I mean, I just ran into that and it was brutal. If it’s something close like a dad, you’re not going to dismiss it, but other relationships get to the point where… that person, I commented to Daniela Magún, about one of my best friends ‘do you remember?’ we are not going to be friends’, I told him”Natalia explained.


Montijo revealed that she is very happy to join “Netas Divinas” and confessed that when she received the offer to join them, she thought it was time to do something outside of “Hoy”, Televisa’s morning show.

For this reason, Woodside asked him if now that he is part of “Netas Divinas” he will leave “Hoy”, which leads alongside Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincón, Raúl Araiza, Arath de la Torre, Andrea Escalona and Paul Stanley.

“I do not let it. Well, to this day they haven’t told me anything (that I have to leave it). It is a program that I love very much, we have been doing it for many years and until the public and the bosses say (I will not leave it). I will always be very grateful for the opportunities they give me”Galilea Montijo expressed.

Natalia Téllez and Galilea Montijo (both on the right) with the entire panel of "Netas Divinas" (Photo: Natalia Téllez / Instagram)
Natalia Téllez and Galilea Montijo (both on the right) with the entire panel of “Netas Divinas” (Photo: Natalia Téllez / Instagram)

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