Why Loreto Peralta is not in season 2 of “War of Neighbors”

Netflix premiered the second season from “War of the Neighbors” 2, the Mexican comedy series that has raised more than one controversy since its first installment.

And it is that, although the series was very well received by the subscribers of the platform of streamingarriving to confirm a new installment a few days after it was released, it was the problems of cast members that put the production in danger.

This is how, for the second season, the series does not have three important characters: vanessa bauch, Pascacio Lopez Y Loreto Peraltaactors who are no longer part of the cast.

Loreto Peralta debuted as Eugenio Derbez’s daughter in “Refunds are not accepted” (Photo: Esmas.com)


In the case of Bauche and Lopezit was their legal problems and the harassment complaint that ended up driving them away from the project, while Loreto’s departure was the one that caused the most surprise.

So far, neither the production nor the 18-year-old actress have revealed the reasons why she stepped aside and will not play the young Crista.

In fiction, Loreto plays the daughter of Silvia Espinoza (Ana Layevska) and Ernesto Espinoza (Mark Tacher), a conceited young woman, but with a good heart, who grew up with her parents’ fortune and whose little knowledge will make her the protagonist of curious moments.


Loreto is a young actress who began her career almost by chance, as she played little Maggie, the daughter of Valentín, the character in Eugenio Derbezin “No refunds”.

A friend of mine told my mom that they were looking for me for a movie, that they needed a blonde girl, with blue eyes, who speaks perfect English and Spanish.”, commented the young woman years ago.

Nine years later, the little girl has become a benchmark in social networks, where she accumulates more than 3 million followers, in addition to participating in series such as “La casa de las flores”, “Guerra de Likes”, “Todos las freckles del mundo” ” and, recently, “Guerra de Vecinos”.

In addition, he participated in the new version of “The Little Mermaid” of 2018 and works as a model and influencer.

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