Why “Lightyear” is not a “Toy Story” prequel

  • The new Disney movie, “Lightyear”, does not have the toy as the protagonist.
  • The time Pixar mistakenly removed the movie “Toy Story 2” before its release
  • The new collection of products inspired by the movie ‘Lightyear’

The world of animated films continues being dominated by Disney, which is now committed to productions that are enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Among the long list of upcoming films is “Lightyear”, which will tell the story of one of the favorite characters of the franchise of “toy story”. However, this will not be a prequel and we explain why.

toy story” is a series of animated films born from the fact that toys come to life when humans don’t see them. Therefore, she follows the adventures of a group of toys of a boy named Andy. The obstacles are so simple, yet so cool, like which is the favorite toy, the destructive neighbor, obsessive collectors and the inevitable reality that children grow up and leave aside the friends who accompanied them for years.

The franchise has made four films which have been resounding successes and have deeply touched the hearts of viewers.

The study of Disney and Pixar they are trying to generate new animated stories, be they originals, sequels, prequels or adaptations. “Lightyear” is the closest production to premiere, as it is scheduled for June 17, 2022.


Contrary to what many fans thought, The new Disney movie, “Lightyear” will not be a prequel to the events told in “Toy Story”. The reason is simple: Buzz Lightyear will not be a toy, but a human character.

The film directed by Angus MacLane, who was also in charge of “Finding Dory”will follow Buzz Lightyear when he was still a test pilot, how his path to becoming the “Star Commander” that everyone knows and that this resulted in him being made his own action figure.

The announcement of the making of this film was made in December 2020 and, at that time, many doubts arose about its connection to the classic Pixar films. When the trailer was released and fans could see that the character was not a toy, they were even more confused.

However, there is no reason to dwell on the matter so much. Although the story is set in the “Toy Story” cinematic universe, it is not about Buzz Lightyear’s adventures as a toy, but about the “real” character that inspired its creation.

According to the director’s statements for “ew”, it’s as ifAndy would have seen this movie and that was what made him want to have the buzz doll”. Although you shouldn’t expect to see Andy eating popcorn at the end of the film either.


The movie that is about to be released It’s not the studio’s first attempt to expand on the story of Woody’s best friend.. Actually, it’s the third.

Previously, in 2000, the animated film and series about Buzz were released. While the show was titled “Buzz Lightyear: Star Command,” the feature film was called “Buzz Lightyear: Star Command: The Adventure Begins.”

However, in this new installment, it will be about a person within the fictional universe who served as captain of “Star Command’s Universe Protection Unit”. Who is the villain of Buzz Lightyear? Well, his archenemy is the emperor zurg.

The promotional poster for “Lightyear” shows Buzz Lightyear as a human, part of his Star Command team, and his enemy, Emperor Zurg (Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

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