Why Laura Londoño was not interviewed but William Levy was in “El Hormiguero”

When you talk about the telenovela “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” you immediately think of the actors William Levy and Laura Londono who starred in this ambitious production that managed to position itself as one of the most successful of recent times. Although the couple has received public applause, many have wondered why the program “El Hormiguero” only interviewed the Cuban heartthrob and not the Colombian actress.

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The new season of the soap opera “woman-fragranced coffee” was released in December 2021 through the screens of Netflixalthough Colombia could be seen from the month of May of that year through the rnc signal.

“Woman-fragranced coffee” has the leading role of William Levy Y Laura Londono in the characters of Sebastian Vallejo Y ‘Seagull‘, respectively. The incredible story became the favorite of the viewers who captivated from start to finish.

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Laura Londoño stars in the telenovela “Cafe con aroma de mujer” with actor William Levy (Photo: Laura Londoño / Instagram)

That is why the popularity of both actors increased and they have even been interviewed by different television programs. An example of this was “the anthill” who spoke only with William Levy.


The famous programthe anthill” had as an interviewee the actor William Levy where he talked with Paul Motorcycles on various topics, taking advantage of the fact that he was visiting Spain. After that, many noticed that she only interviewed the gallant and not his partner in the soap opera “woman-fragranced coffee”, Laura Londono.

"Café con aroma de mujer" is one of the most successful productions of recent times (Photo: Laura Londoño / Instagram)
“Café con aroma de mujer” is one of the most successful productions of recent times (Photo: Laura Londoño / Instagram)

The answer to this question was revealed during the conversation between Paul Motorcycles Y Javier Camara. It was there that Motos explained why he interviewed Levy.

Laura wanted to come, they tried to contact me, but they couldn’t from the Colombian embassy”, expressed Motos according to .

With this it can be seen that Laura Londono Do you intend to attend the program?the anthill” just as his acting partner did.

William Levy was in Spain and was interviewed in "El Hormiguero" (Photo: William Levy / Instagram)
William Levy was in Spain and was interviewed in “El Hormiguero” (Photo: William Levy / Instagram)

To the delight of the fans of the Colombian actress, the driver Paul Motorcycles He has promised that when Londoño visits Spain he can interview her.

I would have been delighted”, Motos indicated after knowing the intentions of the actress to go to her program.

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Laura Londoño was born in Medellín, Colombia, on February 13, 1988. She began modeling when she was just 10 years old and at 16 she excelled with the Roxanne fashion agency in France, with which she made several streetwear fashion shows in the city. of Paris, becoming the image of several magazine catalogues.

He studied architecture at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, as well as acting in New York. She made her first casting in 2006 to enter the renowned Acting School of Canal Caracol in Colombia, where she studied for two years.

She made her debut as an actress in the soap opera “The Professionals, at your service” (2006), then in “Victoria” (2007), “Without breasts there is no paradise” (2008-2009), “El cartel” (2008), ” The witch” (2011), “El capo” (2012-2013), “Elite Command” (2013-2014), “Narcos” (2017), “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”, among others.

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The soap opera “woman-fragranced coffee” is the third most followed non-English speaking series on the Netflix platform. The truth is that all the actors in this production are happy with the high figures that the Colombian drama is achieving.

Especially, Laura Londonoactress gives life to the Gaviota, who has many memories of the fiction recordings. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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