Why Juancho Hernangómez did not want to act in “Garra”, the Adam Sandler movie

  • Juancho Hernangómez said that he had rejected the “Garra” project for several months.
  • Who’s who in “Claw”, Adam Sandler’s movie on Netflix
  • Explained ending of “Claw”

The movie “Claw” has positioned itself as the most watched at the moment in different countries of the world and has received good reviews from specialists. From the hand of Adam Sandler and the performance of Juancho Hernangomezthis film that shows the overcoming and perseverance of a young basketball player, promises to be one of the best of the year on all streaming platforms.

At this point it is difficult to imagine that another actor other than the Spanish would have embodied the main character of the Netflix production because his talent gave him the necessary quota for the long-awaited success. However, this could have been due to a refusal from the artist himself, who spent months rejecting the project.

And it is that, although it seems difficult to believe, Juancho Hernangomez He refused on multiple occasions to act in said project, according to what he himself has revealed in a recent interview.

In real life, Juancho Hernangómez is a Spanish basketball player who plays in the NBA (Photo: Netflix)


Juancho Hernangómez, who played Bo Cruz, revealed in an interview for that he did not want to act in the film directed by Adam Sandler and that he rejected the proposal for many months. In addition, she was encouraged to tell the reasons why, at that time, he made such a decision.

“My agent called me before covid to try to get me to audition for the movie, but I was focused on basketball at the time. I told him no for five months.”said the 26-year-old athlete.


In the same conversation, the basketball player was encouraged to tell the reasons, which is why, finally, he chose to audition for the role of one of the characters in the movie “Garra”.

Coincidentally, it was the pandemic that forced him to accept the proposal, taking into account that basketball had been put on pause and that he was very bored at home. In addition, he mentioned his sister as the incentive to take that giant step.

“Then covid comes, basketball is over and I have nothing else to do. He was in quarantine at my brother’s house and I was very bored. It was my sister who pushed me to audition. That’s the only good thing the pandemic brought.”commented the artist of 2.06 m.


Because the success of “Garra” has been great in several countries, many see Juancho Hernangómez as a promise in acting, but that would not be something that will crystallize, at least for now.

The athlete has stated that, at the moment, he is focused on his career as a basketball player, which is why he wants to continue in the NBA. As we will remember, the Spaniard is part of the Utah Jazz squad.

However, he also acknowledged that he does not close the doors to a possibility of acting, so everything will be decided by the future.


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