Why is selenium so sought after?

Selenium belongs to the group of trace elements. The human body does not need large amounts of it, but it is essential for its proper functioning. It is part of the amino acids that create enzymes important for many metabolic changes. It protects cells from oxidative stress and affects the functioning of the immune system.

Benefits of using selenium

As part of the enzymes that catalyze redox reactions, the use of selenium is important for a number of functions in our body. Here they are:

  • protects cells – the harmful effects of free radicals on cells can be dangerous. When used correctly, the selenium supplement has antioxidant activity, which helps to protect them;
  • contributes to the development and regeneration of muscle tissue – one of the properties of the supplement, which is essential for athletes;
  • release of iodine – the substance selenium plays an extremely important role in the metabolism of thyroid hormones;
  • increases immunity – the use of selenium keeps the immune system healthy and resistant to diseases.

The Revita online store reminds you to always consult your doctor before using any tablets or capsules. The correct dosage is extremely important in this case, so do not resort to the medication at your own discretion and without the opinion of a specialist.

Selenium deficiency symptoms

Lack of selenium in the body increases the risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases, weakens the immune system, negatively affects spermatogenesis and can lead to infertility and mental disorders. Its insufficient levels are often associated with diseases of the thyroid gland, liver and skin.

Deficiency symptoms are chronic fatigue, frequent colds, vision problems, skin rashes, muscle pain, high cholesterol and indigestion. If you find similar symptoms in your daily life, consult a specialist. Always check the exact dosage and dosage instructions on the package before using any supplement.

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