Why is Marília Mendonça an inspiration for Alice Wegmann at work? Actress of ‘Rensga Hits!’ reveals

Rensga Hits“, a new Globoplay series, premieres this Thursday (4th) streaming platform with a powerful cast. In the plot about the feminejo universe, Alice Wegmann gives life to Raíssa Medeiros, a country singer who decides to invest in her musical career, after discovering a betrayal and leave the groom at the altar.

As with the character she plays in the series, Alice reported that since she was a child, she saw life go through twists and turns. It was like this, for example, when, at age 11, she gave up her Olympic gymnastics career and decided to invest in a theater course.

Years later, Alice’s work would suffer a blow with the death of Marília Mendonça, victim of a plane crash, two days after the actress’s 26th birthday. At the time, it was on social media that the artist regretted the loss, highlighting that Raíssa should be a “lifetime tribute” to the countrywoman, who would even make a participation in “Rensga Hits!”.

“Marília’s death had a direct impact on our work, because we all liked her a lot, she was a compass and our greatest reference. It was a very big cut when it happened. She was 26 years old, a very solid career, she was full of songs to release , she was the greatest singer in Brazil, she represented women a lot. We carry her strength with us”, she declared to “Gshow”.

+ After 12 years of work at Globo, Alice Wegmann will not renew a fixed contract with the broadcaster and will work with a contract for work; list brings together other celebrities. Check out!

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