Why is mankind plagued by cold sores? Bronze Age kissing is to blame

According to the authors of the study, which was published in the scientific journal Science Advances, a team of experts obtained four samples from the roots of human teeth that are thousands of years old. “Every primate species has some form of herpes, so we assume it’s been with us since our species left Africa,” said study co-author Christiana Scheib from the University of Cambridge, referring to the period of mass migration of humans from Eurasia to Europe. This was due to the denser population of our continent, which stimulated the transmission of the virus, as well as new cultural habits, including kissing… Herpes simplex HSV-1 is mainly transmitted orally.

“However, something happened about five thousand years ago that allowed one strain of herpes to overtake all others. It was probably an increase in transmission that could be related to kissing,” the scientist specified. “Facal herpes hides in its host for life and is transmitted only through oral contact, so mutations occur slowly over centuries and millennia,” added research co-author Charlotte Houldcroft.

You know that…

…about 3.7 billion people worldwide are currently infected with the virus?

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