Why is Ángela Aguilar a trend in Mexico?


The name of Ángela Aguilar was involved in a new controversy and we explain why and if the content was real.

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Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Ángela, has been involved in some controversies, such as when caused a stir after saying she was Argentine and now the name of the young interpreter became a trend and we tell you why and if the alleged content that viralized her is real.

Let’s start by saying that The case of Ángela Aguilar is very different from that of Babo, from Cartel de Santabecause the name of the minor of the Aguilar dynasty began to sound on social networks after allegedly explicit images of sexual content of the interpreter were leaked.

+ Is the photo of Ángela Aguilar a montage?

It is not only necessary to say that looking for such images of the young is a crimebut in reality it is a montage with the face of the 19-year-old singer. It was from Tuesday night that the alleged leak began to circulate through platforms such as Twitter.

The same interantures that made the content go viral were in charge of denying the images, assuring that Ángela’s opulent lifestyle does not match that of the viralized postcards, stating that it was a montage.

Even this lock of hair looks much more careful than the rest of the hair, you can clearly see the difference between Angela’s original hair and the other person on whom the face is mounted“, netizens concluded. Internet users even found the original image without editing and shared it on social media.

+ Ángela Aguilar’s reaction to her alleged leaked adult content

the interpreter of La Llorona, what agony Y the tequilera took advantage of the commotion and the number of searches for his name to ask for the support of his fans and it is that the artist is a contestant in the TikTok Awards in the “FYP artist” category.

Through her stories, the interpreter first uploaded a video of her with headphones and then another stories sending to the vote of which it is part. Neither Ángela nor the Aguilar family have made direct comments about the false content that had allegedly been leaked..

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