Why Her?: This is what you should know about Hwang In Yeop’s new drama

Lovers of Korean dramas will not have any rest, since June will arrive with force in premieres. And one of the stories that has generated the most curiosity is Why Her?, which will not only have a plot of mystery and intrigue, but will also feature Hwang In Yeop.

Why Her? is one of the new SBS dramas. This story will focus on a lawyer who is willing to give everything to achieve victories in her case and who in turn is hated by many. What kind of story will Why Her tell us?

Official Poster of Why Her? // Source: Twitter @SBSNOW

For K-Drama lovers, this will not be your typical romance story where the female lead is kind and loving. The role played by Seo Hyun Jin is a powerful woman who will go to great lengths to achieve victory in her case, including acting cold and pretending that she doesn’t have a heart.

Without a doubt, the kind of drama that will keep you anxious, wanting to know how the protagonists will solve their problems and how much they are willing to risk to achieve their goals.

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Why Her? will feature a hypnotizing plot and a dream cast

Why Her? It is a drama of the elite of lawyers, the most famous for being fierce in each of their cases and even having questionable morals to fulfill their objectives. In the same way, it tells the story of law students and how they will be influenced by these lawyers.

In the story, the protagonist is Oh Soo Jae, a successful and powerful lawyer, played by Seo Hyunjin. This attorney has a reputation for being heartless and fierce in every one of her cases, which she wins without exception. However, after an incident she is forced to be the professor at a law school, where she will meet the student Gong Chan (Hwang In-yeop), a young man of great morals and heart with great facility to empathize with people. And who, one way or another, wants to protect Oh Soo Jae at all costs.

Within the main cast is the veteran actor Heo Joon Ho. The same way, Baek In-hyuk will play an important role. Both will represent father and son in history and will be key pieces in the life of the protagonist. You can see the trailer here:

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The new drama Why Her? will be released in June

Why Her? will be available from 3 of June and can be seen on the Viki streaming platform. A story full of intrigue, betrayal and thirst for power that will lead you to question many situations in the world of lawyers. Are you ready for this new drama?

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