Why does Krpálek listen to Zagorka?

It is said that the music of WA Mozart has the most positive influence on the development of our creativity and ability to concentrate. Is it true?

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“Yes, it’s even called the Mozart effect. However, I personally think that if a person does not have music only as a utility – that is, he does not just play it to brush his teeth, but also actively listens to it, it has a positive effect on the development of his intelligence, whatever the genre. It is known that music affects the brain synapses. There is even research on so-called superlearning, in which English was taught in instrumental music, which allegedly helped speed up the absorption of the language. “

Can we concentrate well on the sung music?

“The voice will definitely attract more attention and I can imagine that a larger group of people will mind singing. But it’s different from person to person. “

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The connection between music and sports performances is also well known.

“In this case, it’s about rhythm. Otherwise, of course, it runs in silence than when some brisk beat sets the pace. On the other hand, some top athletes have music more as a means of helping concentration. It was said, for example, that hockey players in Nagano listened to Michal David. And Lukáš Krpálek at the Olympics again Hana Zagorová. So the music can help to relax emotionally in a way. ”

So does it also help you fall asleep better?

“That’s the question. We work a lot with sleep disorders in music therapy and we have proven that relaxation with music helps to replace up to two hours of sleep. So a person who has some problems of this nature can get satisfied in this way at any time during the day. Of course, it depends on what music you listen to and how you listen to it. I can imagine that strong rhythmic music can be a problem. Just like when someone listens to her from a mobile phone, because the screen emits blue light. ”

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