Why “Disenchanted” changed the actress who plays Morgan

After 15 years of the premiere of “Disenchanted” (“Disenchanted” in its original language), on November 18, disneyplus launched “Disenchanted: Giselle Returns”, the second part of the story starring Amy Adams and Robert Phillip, in which an intense reversal of roles will be seen, turning the sweet princess into a cruel villain who seeks to take over the city.

In the new installment, everything changes for Giselle (Adams) and Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey)who must move to the quiet I can of Monroevillewhere his unity will be put to the test, because while he must spend more hours away from home, Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino)who is now a teenager, had to say goodbye to her friends and change schools, something she can’t get over and for which she blames the princess.

This is how the dispute between Giselle and Morgan will trigger a series of decisions that could affect not only the real world, but also threatens to destroy andalasiathe magical kingdom where the princess comes from, whose magic is out of control due to her wishes.

“Disenchanted 2” returns after more than 17 years since its premiere (Photo: Disney)


Despite the great interpretation of Gabriella Baldacchino What MorganPhilipmany fans of the franchise were surprised to see that the production did not consider Rachel Covey, the actress who played this character in the first installment of “Disenchanted”.

According to the profile of the original actress in the 24-year-old actress has only participated in one episode of “What Would You Do?” in 2016 since his appearance in “Giselle’s story” from 2006.

Prior to this, the then little actress was part of the cast of “Duane Hopwood”. And it is that currently, Rachel Covey presents herself as a playwright and composer.

Rachel Covey played Morgan Phillip in the first installment of "Enchanted" (Photo: Disney)

Rachel Covey played Morgan Phillip in the first installment of “Enchanted” (Photo: Disney)

For his part, Barry Josephsonproducer of “disenchanted”, he revealed in conversation with that Covey was considered for a return to the role, but he ultimately did not audition.

Originally, I always told Rachel that she was going to get a chance to audition to play the teenage Morgan. But for us (now) it was about who could best play Morgan as a teenager.’”, explained the manager.

Despite having Covey on the map, the production of the series ended up choosing Rachel Duff and Gabriella Baldacchino8 and 21 years old respectively, for the role of girl and adolescent Morgan.

Rachel is very talented, she’s great, but the question was ‘can we find someone to play Morgan contemporaneously, who works, feels right for this movie and has all the skills required, singing, dancing and acting?’”, he added.

Gabriella Baldacchino plays Morgan in "Disenchanted 2" (Photo: Gabriella Baldacchino / Instagram)

Gabriella Baldacchino plays Morgan in “Disenchanted 2” (Photo: Gabriella Baldacchino / Instagram)

Despite this, Rachel Covey has a small cameo in the new tape as one of the girls from Monroelasia, the merger of Monreoville and Andalasiawhich merge during Giselle’s wish.

Rachel has a cameo and she does it very well, but we had to find the perfect actress for now. It’s not that Gabi is better than Rachel, it’s that Gabi was uniquely special for the role of Morgan. And he did so well at the audition that we wanted to run to her and ask her to be Morgan. That happensadded the product.

Finally, the producer supported his decision to change the protagonist for the new installment, highlighting Baldacchino’s work on the recording set.

Gabi was able to hold her own in something very challenging for a girl that age: being in a movie with the opportunity to work with Idina Menzel, Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey. But she did well in every scene”, he added.


In recent years, Disney has followed the trend of giving secondary characters tapes to develop their stories or produce new films and series of classics, such is the case of the recent premiere of “hocus pocus”.

According to Barry Josephson, he always wanted to make a sequel to the 2005 story, as “it’s rooted in every producer who would like to see their characters live on beyond the original film.”

In the same way, he assured that it was not something complicated, because within Disney, many also loved the first part of the saga.

Both the film’s actors and Disney executives, many people, told me how much they liked the first film and asked what was coming for Giselle, the characters, and I answered that we were preparing something in this regard, that we were going to continue it.”, he stressed.

"Disenchanted 2" premiered on November 18 on Disney Plus (Photo: disneyenchanted / Instagram)

“Disenchanted 2” premiered on November 18 on Disney Plus (Photo: disneyenchanted / Instagram)


  • Amy Adams as Giselle Philip
  • Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip
  • James Marsden as Prince Edward
  • Idina Menzel as Nancy Tremaine
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Rosaleen
  • Jayma Mays as Ruby
  • Maya Rudolph as Malvina Monroe
  • Kolton Stewart as Malvina’s son
  • Óscar Núñez as Edgar
  • Gabriella Baldacchino as Morgan Philip
  • Ann Harada
  • michael mccorry rose
  • James Monroe Iglehart

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