Why can’t 2 out of 3 women bear to see themselves in photos?

Do you hate taking a break and can’t stand seeing yourself in pictures? You are not alone in having trouble with your image. According to a recent study by Harris Interactive for ceweworld leader in photo books, 6 out of 10 French people don’t like their appearance in photos. And unsurprisingly, this concerns women more: only 34% of them say they are satisfied with their image, compared to 50% of men… A phenomenon that underlines the canons of beauty that still weigh on women and continue to generate many complexes.

66% of women don’t like how they look in photos

2/3 of French people say they don’t like their appearance, 70% even say run away from pictures. In total, 66% of women questioned say they are not satisfied with their bodies in photos, compared to 50% of men (source 1).

And this tendency to self-criticism does not only vary according to gender, but also according to age. The younger you are, the fewer problems you have to pose, alone or in a group in front of the lens : half of 18-25 year olds say they are satisfied with their image in photos, compared to only 31% among those over 65.

In question, the fear of not appearing natural

If young people tend to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, it’s probably because they don’t hesitate to give directions and advice when taking photos! A way to reassure yourself and guarantee a minimum of “wow” effect. One out of two French people aged 18 to 25 would even give specific instructions to the photographer: “place yourself on this side, stand at this angle, wait for the brightness to adjust on the screen , etc”. It must be said that by dint of scrolling through hundreds of photos of oneself on one’s camera roll, one ends up identify his best profile.

However, 75% of those photographed choose to take refuge behind the lens. Their main motivation? The fear of appearing “stuck” and not knowing what to do in front of a goal. To smile ? Join hands? Daber? Cross your legs? Here again, gender and age criteria are important: 46% of women and over 50s in general consider themselves natural…

On the contrary, group photos are a great success: the French feel more comfortable in front of the camera when they are surrounded. E this trend would increase with age: 88% of seniors prefer to have their photo taken with their family and friends, compared to 69% for 18-24 year olds.

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