Why Cansu Dere almost does not use his social networks

since a violent 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Syria and Turkey, which left more than 45,000 dead and millions homeless, the Ottoman country has been in the eye of the world due to the international support it received from the international community, in addition to the dramatic stories of its citizens and the most important turkish figures.

Despite the fact that many of the Turkish celebrities They sent messages of calm and support at a difficult time, this did not happen with the actress Cansu Dere, who has remained missing from social networks and the media since the disaster.

As expected, the sudden disappearance of the actress of “Unfaithful” and “Mother”caused fear among her followers, since it has long been believed that she could be part of the victims, a rumor that spread due to the creation of thousands of false accounts that pretended to be the artist.

The Turkish actress would have avoided speaking out after the earthquake (Photo: Cansu Dere / Instagram)


It should be noted that a few weeks ago it was speculated that the actress from “Unfaithful” and “Mother” would reappear at a charity event developed by Disney Plus and Fox to raise funds for the victims, but this would not happen, triggering once again the rumors of a possible tragedy.

A few days ago, the Turkish journalist Birsen Altuntaş revealed that he spoke with the 40-year-old Turkish actress and ruled out that she is in the unfortunate registry of victims of the violent earthquake.

According to the communicator, the emotional reason for the disappearance of the actress is due to the fact that she is recovering from her broken heel in a domestic accident and has avoided exposing herself until it is completely healed.

Cansu Dere is a well-known Turkish actress who has starred in the soap opera "Mother", "My daughter" and "Unfaithful" (Cansu Dere/Instagram)

Cansu Dere is a well-known Turkish actress who has starred in the soap opera “Mother”, “My daughter” and “Unfaithful” (Cansu Dere/Instagram)


The answer could be found in a statement from a few months ago, in which, after an incident at home in which her cats were affected, the actress indicated that she preferred not to share bad news.

I didn’t want to worry anyone. Anyway, I’m not someone who uses social media a lot. On the other hand, I want to use Instagram as an album where I share my happy moments.”, the actress told Birsen Altuntaş.

With this, the actress made it clear that her absence was due to the fact that she had no happy moments to share, because while she suffered from her injury, the country collapsed with the earthquake.

Cansu Dere is the protagonist of Turkish soap operas such as

Cansu Dere is the protagonist of Turkish soap operas such as “Unfaithful” and “Mother” (Photo: Cansu Dere / Instagram)



This is the video in which Cansu Dere is allegedly seen helping to collect food for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. In theory, the actress would be the woman with a red cap.

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