Why Andrés García challenged Roberto Palazuelos to a duel with bullets

the experienced actor Andres Garcia has been the protagonist of the news in Mexico during the last weeks due to his health complications that even made him think about taking your own lifefeeling that thanks to his wife has been leaving in the past to return to have that desire to continue enjoying life.

Since he began to feel some improvement and left the hospital, the 81-year-old artist has given some interviews to various media, in which he has talked about his current condition and some striking details in his professional career, such as his most recent feud with Roberto Palazuelos.

As much as they have always been very close and that García has had a lot of consideration for him, to the point of considering him as one of his students in acting, in acting there is a strong rivalry that borders on death wishes, because a challenge has come out to a duel with weapons.

The actor Andrés García is recovering at his wife’s house (Photo: Andrés García / Instagram)


In an interview with the program “First hand”, Andrés García spoke about his problems with Roberto Palazuelos and, in his moment of anger, launched a public challenge for a gunfight between the two for September.

“Robertito, I invite you on September 15, if you have pants, come to the Plaza del Carmenere and we are going to shoot each other a couple of shots, you and me like men at 3 in the afternoon”Garcia said.


Because they were well united before, it is very striking that currently both cannot get along and that Andrés García himself wants to shoot him in a duel. That is why it is necessary to mention the reasons why the experienced artist gave such statements.

Before mentioning the duel, Andrés García mentioned why he is upset with Palazuelos and assured that it is because he is supposedly speaking ill of him, taking advantage of the fact that he is not in good health.

“I raised him when he was little, I taught him what I could, and now that he sees that I’m lame, that I can’t walk, and that I have tremendous weakness, due to I don’t know if it’s due to age or anemia, he starts saying p.. from me”Garcia said.

As if that were not enough, the remembered heartthrob of Mexican cinema affirmed that Palazuelos threatened to let him die of hunger.

“He threatened my family, he threatened that he was going to starve me and that he was in charge of that”he added.

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