Whole weekend! This is how Anne Wunsch celebrates Juna’s birthday

Only the best for Anne Wunsch’s (31) children! The influencer is the proud mother of three kids. Baby of the family Savio only saw the light of day in July – his big sisters Miley and Juna love him more than anything. After the focus has certainly been a little more on the newborn in the past few weeks, concentrated Anne fully focused on their oldest this weekend: Juna’s seventh birthday is being celebrated in a big way!

on Instagram reports the former Berlin – Day & Night actress now: “Juna celebrated her seventh birthday on Friday, so we packed Saturday with great things.” First they went to the cinema to see the new “Minions” film and then they shot lots of sweet family pictures in a creative photo studio. In the end they were still delicious to eat. “Today is the last day of her birthday weekend… We’re having the big party with her friends,” she says Anne further.

But despite all her efforts, the 31-year-old felt like a “raven mother” at the weekend. How so? “Shame on my head… Juna lost a baby tooth yesterday and I forgot to play the tooth fairy! My head was just so full about today and I totally missed it!”revealed Anne upset in her story. “I have such a guilty conscience about it. I’ve set an alarm now so I won’t forget tonight.” She told Juna that the tooth fairy was too busy.

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch with her children Sávio, Juna and Miley

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch with her daughters Juna and Miley

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch with daughter Juna

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