Who would have thought ?: Queen has a thing for burgers

Who would have thought?
Queen loves burgers

Well, she’s only human too. And as such, Queen Elizabeth II is also into burgers. Her former head chef reveals that. Darren McGrady has also revealed other eating habits of the monarch.

Who would have thought? Queen Elizabeth II has a thing for burgers. Her former personal chef Darren McGrady has now revealed this to the British newspaper “The Sun”. Strictly speaking, however, the burgers McGrady served the royal family are not really hamburgers at all. The Queen only wants the meat, without the actually obligatory halves of the bun.

In contrast to McDonald’s and Co., the meat in the minced steaks does not come from beef, but from game meat. At least when the Queen and her cooks were in their summer residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. “At Balmoral we always made our own burgers, which always made me happy. They shot deer and we made venison burgers out of them,” said McGrady. “There were wonderful cranberries in there.” But there were never rolls with it.

Darren McGrady also revealed which fast food the Queen has banned from the kitchen: pizza. During the 15 years he worked in the royal kitchen, the Italian classic never came on the table. Basically, according to her former court chef, the Queen prefers classic French food.

“Queen dashed the menu”

Much is now known about the eating habits of the 95-year-olds, because McGrady has already told the British press what he has already served the monarch. He even launched his own cookbook called “The Royal Chef”. As a starter, she loves the Gleneagles pate, which consists of smoked salmon, trout and mackerel, the Queen’s ex-head chef told British magazine “Hello” in 2019. She particularly likes dishes that use ingredients that come from one of her properties, such as salmon from the River Dee in Balmoral.

“She loved venison, Irish beef steak, fillet steak with a mushroom-whiskey sauce, or fish,” McGrady said. The Queen prefers vegetables such as blanched spinach leaves. Once a week he gave her a red leather book with various menu suggestions, McGrady said. “The chefs selected the menus and the queen skipped the menus that she did not want.”

In 2019, Charles Oliver, a former servant of the Queen, also wrote the book “Dinner at Buckingham Palace”. According to this, Elizabeth II has breakfast twice a day: in the morning she takes an Earl Gray tea without milk or sugar and a few cookies. Your main breakfast consists of muesli, yogurt, toast and jam. But she also likes to eat fish for breakfast, says Oliver. According to the book, the Queen cuts carbohydrates when she eats alone.

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