Who won “The House of the Famous” and with how many votes

After almost three months, “The home of the famous”Came to an end on November 15, 2021 and one of the five finalists: Alicia Machado, Manelyk González, Cristina Eustace, Kelvin Renteria and Pablo Montero, became the winner of the Telemundo reality show thanks to the votes of the public.

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Although the popular program, which premiered on August 24, 2021, had a lukewarm start, this changed over the weeks, and even managed to surpass the 1.1 million mark of viewers connected to the show.

The home of the famous”Brought together 16 television figures so that they are isolated from the world and living together, without contact with their family or friends. In the style of “Big Brother”, the participants were watched at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every Monday a participant left the reality show and sometimes someone joined the show, such as Manelyk González. So who got the $ 200,000 prize?

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Venezuelan actress Alicia machado became the winner of the reality show Telemundo with more than 40 million votes of the 61 million cast by the public, according to data released by the television network. Where did the rest of the participants end up and with how many votes?

  1. Alicia Machado: 40, 586, 129.00 votes.
  2. Manelyk González: 8,774,081.00 votes.
  3. Kelvin Renteria: 8,419,382.00 votes.
  4. Cristina Eustace: 3, 881,344.00 votes.
  5. Pablo Montero: 969,737.00 votes.

Thanks dad, thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe who never leaves me alone. Thank you dad, I love you dad. Can not be“Said the former Miss Universe Venezuela upon learning of her triumph. In addition, he wrote on social networks: “We won. More than 40 million votes made me the winner of The House of the Famous, I love them”.

In an interview with People en Español, spoke about his experience in “The home of the famous”. “I take a suitcase full of experiences, teachings, I have learned many things from my colleagues, from coexistence in general. I believe that there are many elements of coexistence here inside that out there will be of great use to me to continue with my life, with my dreams.”, He assured.

Only the people who are in here and who live this unique experience know the strength of the feelings that are handled here inside and I know that the friendships that were made here are for life and I am a pirate of feelings: I go for life hoarding feelings and friends”He added.

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The host Héctor Sandarti, host of “The House of Famous,” revealed that being “transparent” is the secret to winning the reality show, according to his experience on the television show.

If they asked me what the secret is for you to do well on a show like The House of Famous is to be yourself. The more transparent, the more you and the more genuine you are, the better you are going to do “, detailed in an interview with People in spanish.

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