Who was Justin Santos, the brother of Arcángel who died in an accident

In the early morning of Sunday, November 21, the singer’s younger brother Austin Santos, better known as Archangel, died in a vehicle accident while driving over the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in Puerto Rico.

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Justin santos He was only 21 years old and was very close to the interpreter of “You prefer me”, as reflected in his social networks, where he accumulates more than 60 thousand followers. When the unfortunate news was known, various referents of urban music regretted the departure of the young man of Puerto Rican and Dominican origin, sending forces to his family.

Archangel’s brother was driving a Can-Am, when a Hyundai Tucson he invaded his lane and caused a fatal collision, causing him and his companion to be thrown onto the pavement. Justin passed away instantly, around 2:35 in the morning.

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Justin Santos was the younger brother of Arcángel and he was 21 years old (Photo: Justin Santos / Instagram)


Justin was the second brother of Archangel e hijo de Carmen Rosas, the singer of the famous female musical group ‘Las Chicas del Can’.

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The young man was part of Flow Factory Inc., the record label of the American singer, whose parent is Universal Music Group. The company is dedicated to the development and management of artists, under the direction of the family matriarch, Carmen santos.

Justin Santos was part of Flow Factory, the company dedicated to the development and management of artists that his mother runs (Photo: Justin Santos / Instagram)
Justin Santos was part of Flow Factory, the company dedicated to the development and management of artists that his mother runs (Photo: Justin Santos / Instagram)


The younger brother of Archangel he was driving over the bridge Teodoro Moscoso, in Puerto Rico, when a car invaded his lane and caused him a fatal collision. Next to Justin was another passenger who was thrown from the vehicle and ended up injured.

It was the journalist Sylvia Hernandez who released the news, revealing that the person responsible for the accident is a woman who was driving while intoxicated.

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The cause of the accident is a 46-year-old woman who was also injured and taken to hospital. Sources close to the event declared that the woman was under the influence of alcohol, so they must take blood samples and confirm if she was really driving in that state.

“As a result of the impact, the driver of the Can-Am and the passenger were ejected, but the Can-Am ran over the driver while turning and, sadly, he died at the scene.” detailed Elvis Zero, Traffic Officer of the Puerto Rico Police.

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After learning of the unfortunate event, the interpreter of “You prefer me” shared a touching message through his Instagram account. In the text, Austin dedicates a few words to God, asking for the strength to be able to go through this difficult time.

“I am nothing or nobody to demand of you, much less claim anything from you Father, I was taught that your will, whatever happens, should be respected and accepted, and even if it hurts at an inexplicable level, if that is your will, you will I repeat that I accept it, Dad, now I do believe that I am in a position to ask you for strength and understanding ”.

Likewise, the singer’s fans and colleagues have expressed their regret on social networks.

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