"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?": Celebrity special with weight loss tips?

The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special” wasn’t just about a good cause. Losing weight also became an issue.

As part of the RTL donation marathon, the broadcaster showed a new “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – Celebrity Special” (also on RTL +) on November 18. Jürgen von der Lippe (73), Evi Dingebacher-Stehle (40), Chris Tall (30) and Guido Cantz (50) were able to collect 660,000 euros – but not without minor problems. Tall, in particular, was surprising.

Jürgen von der Lippe was the first candidate to run. After a few initial difficulties and help from Cantz, the higher-priced questions quickly came up. Quiz professional Sebastian Jacoby (43), known from the show “Asked – Hunted”, helped out as a telephone joker with the 32,000-euro question. He correctly guessed that the so-called “Brazil nut effect” occurs in muesli packs.

The entertainer legend got out at 125,000 euros and preferred to secure 64,000 euros. He couldn’t say for sure whether the father of Joshua Kimmich (26), Serge Gnabry (26), Leroy Sané (25) or Toni Kroos (31) had played in a team with Jogi Löw (61) for three years. Annoying, because his tip “Sané” would have been correct. In addition, he earned a smaller amount than in 2007, when Jürgen von der Lippe was able to clear 125,000 euros.

From the Nobel Prize to flatulence

Then it was the turn of Sachsenbacher-Stehle. The former cross-country skier and biathlete was able to work her way up to later questions just as quickly with the help of Tall and the Jokers. The 125,000 euro question was over for them too. The question was who had not applied for a patent “for his most famous invention: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Alfred Nobel, Thomas Edison or Carl Benz. Sachsenbacher-Stehle never realized that Nobel had invented dynamite and could only assign him the Nobel Prize. Again Jacoby had to serve as a joker. Since he couldn’t decide between Benz and Röntgen, the athlete preferred to get out with 64,000 euros.

Tall also won 125,000 euros for a good cause in 2018 and was even able to improve this time – even if he had serious problems with the second question. “If you storm out of the flower shop without your houseplant due to sudden flatulence, you might leave someone at the cash register …?” The possible answers “Escape”, “Zien”, “Fern” and “Sausn” presented him with an unsolvable task. Cantz, however, helped Tall overcome this hurdle.

30 pounds lost in five years

For many, however, it would have been more exciting than this small dropout that Tall, according to his own statements, had lost around 18 kilos in five years. At that time he noticed on stage that he was not fit enough. It is now a good 96 kilos and even if it went up and down on the way there, he can now assure: “What will not happen again is over 100.” He did not have any special diets, but “just really eat half” and limit himself to drinking water.

Telephone joker Oliver Pocher (43), who was the first celebrity to win the million from moderator Günther Jauch (65) in 2008, helped Tall answer the 125,000 question. Finally, the 30-year-old was able to secure the 500,000 euros. When asked about the city near which the longest and second longest autobahns in Germany intersect, Tall gambled and guessed Würzburg, which he was right. If it had been wrong, however, he would have donated 16,000 euros out of his own pocket. At the million he got out.

William, Kate, Harry or Meghan?

The last celebrity was Cantz. The comedian and presenter is currently in domestic isolation. Before the program was broadcast, the 50-year-old announced that he had tested positive for the corona virus. Since the show had already been recorded, he could still be seen in the special.

Cantz almost ignored the first questions. For the first time he got minor problems with the British Royals. He should answer whether Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry or Duchess Meghan has already celebrated their 40th birthday. Fortunately, he took the 50/50 wild card because initially he ruled out Meghan, the correct answer.

In the end, two jokers couldn’t help Cantz answer the 64,000 euro question with certainty. “Which award is associated with a fee of currently $ 50,000?” The answer options: the Oscar, the Nobel Prize, a star on the Walk of Fame or a record in the Guinness Book. Both a viewer from the audience and Jacoby, who was called for the third time, bet on the record. Jauch wanted to dissuade Cantz, who also tended to do so. The celebrity candidate then decided to get out with 32,000 euros because the star would have been correct.


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