Who returned to "MasterChef Celebrity 3"?

Gastón Soffritti, La Tigresa Acuña, El Negro Enrique, Juariu, Denise Dumas, Charlotte Caniggia Y Tití Fernández They appeared on Sunday at the repechage gala from “ MasterChef Celebrity 3“to have the possibility to return to the most popular kitchens of the small screen.

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Participants who were eliminated in previous galas competed against each other to secure their place in the contest. For that, they faced the first challenge of the night. “Cooks, today we are going to ask you for the last effort“, indicated Damien Betular. “They will have to scratch the carrot in the shortest time possible“he continued German Martitegui. While Donato de Santis expressed: “Every effort has its rewards“.

La Tigresa was the winner as she demonstrated her skills in a few seconds. However, there was a second challenge and Juariu was the one who got the victory. Both participants obtained their prize for successfully completing the evening’s preparation.

It was a Caribbean cake that the participants had to prepare in 70 minutes. However, there was a surprise. “It will not be one, but tonight there are two places. The two best dishes of the night will have the possibility of returning to the best kitchens “, indicated Santiago del Moro to indicate that two participants were going to return to “MasterChef Celebrity 3“.

At the end of the time, the juries evaluated the preparations of the participants and made a decision. “There is a cake that differs. The chef who returns to the competition is Juariu“, said Betular to announce the first participant who was in the competition. Then, they informed who was the second competitor who followed in the program.

The second contestant to return to the competition is Denise Dumas“Donato announced to indicate that the driver returned to the cycle.

After the announcement, the last winner of the contest appeared, Gaston dalmau, to make an important communication: a third participant may return to the competition but this time, it is the public who must vote.

Through a QR code, viewers will be able to vote from home and choose between Gastón Soffritti, La Tigresa Acuña, El Negro Enrique, Charlotte Caniggia and Tití Fernández to return to “MasterChef Celebrity 3”.

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