Who made the menu in The Menu?

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The film directed by Mark Mylod did not enter the Oscar nominations but it was one of the best of 2022.

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He did not enter any of the shortlists that were announced this morning in The academy to the oscars 2023 but The menu was one of the best movies of 2022. Directed by Mark Mylodwas led by figures such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Houltand showed us the peculiar world of cooking.

The menu is a film that revolves around a prestigious restaurant located on an island that, to access it, you have to pay about 1,250 dollars per person. Slowik (Fiennes) He is the chef of this place, who is in charge of designing well-thought-out dishes according to his diners. Who was the actual chef who helped in this process? Dominque Crenn.

The chef was contacted by the production team and, as revealed by the production designer ethan tobmann, was the proposal of almost everyone involved in the filming. She owns a restaurant in San Francisco called Atelier Crennwhere the dishes are described through poetic verses, just like in the movie. “I’m not as crazy as him, but I understand the pressure”he told Variety.

chef crenn designed the dishes based on the proposals of the production designer, who according to what he told Varietywanted to “kitchen feels ecclesiastical”. Part of the influences, for example, came from the restaurant No mom in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Tobman spent a good night

+The dish from The Menu that really exists

Of all the portions that were served in The menu, there is one that can be found in some restaurants around the world. We talked about the dish that the three friends who were in the restaurant ate and whom slowik tortured for embezzlement: the laser-engraved omelette, which can be had in some real restaurants.

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