Who is Yaku, the boy who cried so that they do not make pork rinds to his little pig ‘Cuchi’

A few days ago, it went viral on TikTok the video of a boy who cryingly asked his family to release his little pig named ‘Cuchi’. In the images you can see him trying to free the animal before it is taken to the slaughterhouse.

“Let’s buy another”her grandmother told her; However, the minor did not give his arm to twist and refused to let go of the rope with which the pig was tied. “No please, don’t make pork rinds”he exclaimed.

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Fortunately, the denouement of the clip shows that the scene was only a dream. In the end, the boy can be seen ‘riding’ his faithful friend ‘Cuchi’.

A video featuring a child has become popular on TikTok since in the images he observes the minor asking his family not to kill his little pig named Cuchi, even his mother told him: “Let’s buy another one.” Faced with this, the child exclaims: “No, please, don’t make pork rinds.” However, the outcome of these stories was only a dream and in the end the boy is seen ‘riding’ his faithful friend Cuchi. (Source: @aelvismacl)

The video surpassed two million views and garnered thousands of likes. Several Internet users said they were moved by the affection that the child feels for the animal.

Who is Yaku, the child protagonist of the video “They made pork rinds to my Kuchi”

In case you didn’t know, the clip is a fragment of the video “They made pork rinds to my Kuchi”, which is part of the YouTube channel YAKU Aventuras.

Through this profile, the child, known in social networks as Yaku, shows part of his daily life in his small town of Apurímac, a department located in the south of Peru, in the Andean region.

In his videos he not only jokes about his lifestyle in the country, but he also recreates scenes from daily life and even makes comedy skits where family and friends accompany him.

In one of his most popular videos, Yaku recreates, in his style, the Peru vs. Brazil 2020. In another he shows the unfortunate outcome he had after spending a day harvesting corn, and in a third he is part of a bicycle race, but instead of a bicycle he uses ‘Cuchi’ as a vehicle.

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