Who is who in “What is the fault of karma”, the new Mexican Netflix movie

“What is karma to blame?” it is a Mexican Netflix movie Directed by Elisa Miller, filmmaker who received an award at Cannes in 2007 for her short film “Ver llover”, which follows the story of Sara Escribano, a fashion designer from Mérida who owns a souvenir shop and is sure to have the worst luck in the world since who got hold of his little sister’s birthday wish.

Everything gets worse when he finds out about the engagement of his sister, who is a successful model and has a good fortune, with Aarón, a well-known musician who was his first love. After a series of situations and unexpected reunions, Sara will have to make a radical decision if she wants to turn her life around 180 degrees, and her fate.

Aislinn Derbez is the protagonist of”, while Renata Notni, Gil Cerezo, Giuseppe Gamba, Miriam Chi Chim and Carmen Madrid complete the cast. But Who’s who in the Netflix movie?


1. Aislinn Derbez is Sara

Aislinn Derbez is in charge of playing Sara in the Mexican Netflix comedy. She is about a designer who thinks she has bad luck since she snatched a birthday wish from her little sister.

After meeting Aaron she thought her bad karma was over, but her first love moved away and she didn’t see him again until he became her younger sister’s fiancé.

Aislinn Derbez as Sara in “What is Karma’s fault?” (Photo: Netflix)

2. Renata Notni is Lucy

Unlike her sister, fortune always smiles on Lucy, who as a child told Sara: “I’m going to keep all your wishes forever”. Apparently her sentence was fulfilled because she, among other things, got engaged to Aaron, Sara’s first love.

Renata Notni as Lucy in “What is Karma’s fault?” (Photo: Netflix)

3. Gil Cerezo is Aaron

Aaron is Sara’s best friend and first love. Although he was away from her for a while and focused on her music career, he will come back into her life due to her upcoming wedding to Lucy. The person in charge of interpreting this character in “” is Gil Cerezo, lead singer of Kinky.

Gil Cerezo as Aarón in “What is Karma’s fault?” (Photo: Netflix)

4. Giuseppe Gamba as Roberto

Guiseppe Gamba, known for movies like “Cindy La Regia”, plays Roberto, Sara’s boyfriend. They maintain a long-distance relationship, but he will arrive to further alter the life of Aislinn Derbez’s character.

Giuseppe Gamba as Roberto in “What is Karma’s fault?” (Photo: Netflix)

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