Who is who in the new season of “In the background there is room”

  • “In the background there is room” returns after six years off the screen
  • Why was the return of Aaron Picasso rejected as Jaimito in “Al fondo hay lugar”?
  • This is how the new season of “In the background there is a place” began

“There is room in the background” is back. The América TV series, which reached high levels of tuning during the seven years it was issued, returned to the screens with the vast majority of its main characters, as well as with the incorporation of newwho join to repeat the success that the fiction obtained in its eight seasons that ended in 2016.

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The series was produced by Efraín Aguilar, and premiered on March 30, 2009, until December 5, 2016. The plot tells the rivalry between two families of totally opposite social, economic and cultural classes, and the role that both play in Lima society. Almost six years later “Al fondo hay lugar” returned to the screens of the channel that saw it born on Wednesday June 22 with a big change: this time it will not have Aguilar as director, but Gigio Aranda.

Thus, in the midst of great expectation, América TV had already gradually announced to its fans what they would see in this new story. Days before its premiere, through a press conference, the official cast was presented, whose actors gave life to emblematic characters that marked an era in Peruvian popular culture.

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Official cast of actors for the ninth season of “Al fondo hay lugar”. (Photo: Allen Quintana)



At the moment, according to the official announcement, the actors who return with their characters to this new season are:

1. Gustavo Bueno as Don Gilberto

Gilberto is played by Gustavo Bueno. He is now a widower, as Doña Nelly passed away in the second season. However, the new fiction director assured that the character of Irma Maury could return later.

2. Monica Sanchez as Charito Flores

Mónica Sánchez will play Charito again. She is the mother of Joel, Grace and Jaimito. For now, only Elera’s return was seen in his role as the ‘fish-faced boy’.

3. Erick Elera as Joel Gonzalez

Erick Elera returns to “Al fondo hay lugar” with his role as Joel González, Charito’s son. It is unknown how his role will go now that Fernanda de las Casas (Nataniel Sánchez) is not there.

4. Magdyel Ugaz as Teresita Collazos

Teresita Collazos, played by Magdyel Ugaz, is another of the actresses who returns to the series. She is now the mother of a six-year-old boy who has grown up.

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Magdyel Ugaz, characterized as Teresita at the "In the background there is room" conference (Photo: GEC)
Magdyel Ugaz, characterized as Teresita at the “In the background there is room” conference (Photo: GEC)

5. Rodrigo Barba as Richard Jr.

The little actor Rodrigo Barba will play Teresita’s son with Richard (Paco Bazán). Both had a relationship and, as a result of that love, the child was born.

6. Jorge Guerra as Jaimito

Charito’s youngest son also returns to There is room in the background. Jorge Guerra, the actor who gave life to this character, was presented along with the other actors in the cast.

7. David Almandoz as Pepe Collazos

David Almandoz will once again play the terrible Pepe Collazos, Teresita’s brother.

8. Laszlo Kovacs as Tito Lara

Although he is not a Gonzales, Tito, played by Laszlo Kovacs, is part of the family. The character returns to pair with Pepe.

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David Almandoz as Pepe Collazos and Laszlo Kovacs as Tito Lara (Photo: @afhstv / capture América TV)
David Almandoz as Pepe Collazos and Laszlo Kovacs as Tito Lara (Photo: @afhstv / capture América TV)

9. Paul Vega as Koki Reyes

Koki Reyes, played by Paul Vega, is the husband of Charito Flores and during his childhood he attended the same school as Pepe for a year.

10. Carlos Solano as Felix Panduro

He is not a Gonzales either, but he is almost part of this peculiar family; In addition, he had an affair with Teresita. Félix returns to “In the background there is a place” and will continue working as a guachimán.

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At the moment, the only member of Maldini who will be part of the ninth season of “Al fondo hay lugar” in Franchesca, but she will be accompanied by other beloved characters.

11. Yvonne Frayssinet as Franchesca Maldini

The matriarch of the Maldini will be back. Yvonne Frayssinet’s character decides in this new story to take all the Gonzáles to live in her house. Was it a great decision?

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  Yvonne Frayssinet as Franchesca Maldini in "There is room in the background" (Photo: GEC)
Yvonne Frayssinet as Franchesca Maldini in “There is room in the background” (Photo: GEC)

12. Adolfo Chuiman as Peter

The Maldinis’ beloved butler also returns. The irreplaceable Adolfo Chuiman will once again put himself in Peter’s shoes.

13. Luis Angel Pinasco as Bruno Picasso

Francesca’s ex-husband, Bruno Picasso, responsible for making her unhappy for many years, also returns to the Maldini family. The actor Luis Ángel Pinasco will play him again.

14. Giovanni Ciccia as Diego Montalvan

In past seasons, Giovanni Ciccia played Diego Montalván, the partner of Rafaella (Bárbara Cayo).

15. Paolo Goya Kobashigawa as Hiro

The Maldini’s other butler, played by actor Paolo Goya Kobashigawa, will return to once again play beloved Hiro, an honorable, shy, disciplined and, above all, tender man.

16. Ivan Chauca as Pierre Richeliu

At the moment, not much is known about the character of Pierre Richeliu, played by actor Iván Chauca, but he was presented as a member of the wealthy family of the America TV series.


17. The Moltalban family

The new season will feature the addition of a new family: the Moltalbán. And it will have Giovanni Ciccia as the head. Together with him, the series will introduce us to his children, the twins Christopher (Franco Pennano) Y Alessia as Karime Scander; and his sister Macarena (Maria Grazia Gamarra)who will soon meet the Gonzáles.

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Karime Scander, Franco Pennano, among other actors joined the cast of “Al fondo hay lugar”. (Photo: @karimescander/@francopennano).


  • Irma Maury as Dona Nelly
  • Mayra Couto as Grace Gonzales
  • Nathaniel Sanchez as Fernanda de las Casas
  • Andres Wiese as Nicolas de las Casas
  • Sergio Galliani as Miguel Ignacio de las Casas Diez Canseco
  • Barbara Cayo as Rafaela Picasso Maldini
  • Bruno Odar as Lucho Gonzales Camacho
  • Tatiana Astengo as Reyna Pachas
  • Areliz Benel as Shirley Gonzales Pachas
  • Joaquin Escobar as Jhony Gonzales Pachas
  • Junior Silva as Kevin Arturo Manrique ‘Fat Chicken’

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