Who is the youngest in Stray Kids? This is your maknae

In every K-Pop group there is a maknae, who is the youngest member of the group, who has that position in STRAY KIDS?

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Each member of STRAY KIDS has different talents and abilities that manage to come together seamlessly to present the best songs for their fans, both in studio and on stage, the artists who are part of this idol group do an excellent job.

This is why all of them have earned a special place in the heart of STAY, the faithful fandom that is always showing all their love and support for SKZ; among the members that are part of this boy band we found great vocalists, rappers and dancers.

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Regardless of the different characteristics of the idols of STRAY KIDS as their nationality, personality or age, all of them have managed to perform in the best way and manage to captivate the public as a whole; fulfilling their roles and functions that allow better teamwork.

And speaking of ages and roles, who is he youngest member in SKZ? All groups of K-Pop they have a member who is the youngest having been born last, but it doesn’t mean they are less talented.

Who is the maknae of STRAY KIDS?

Jeongin, better known as IN is the maknae of STRAY KIDS, its youngest member, since he was born on February 8, 2001, was a trainee for only two years before debuting with the idol group, this member’s confidence and maturity were what convinced Bang Chan to I.N he had to be in the group.

SKZ really pampers its smallest member, they even call him ‘maknae on top‘being so spoiled and sometimes even he is the one who dominates in the group: 0.

Jeongin, el maknae de STRAY KIDS | Twitter: @STA_R61ost

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IN is the cutest maknae and the other members of STRAY KIDS always show him great affection, this is how the family is formed within this K-Pop group.

Jeongin’s beautiful moments as STRAY KIDS’ maknae

Here we have some moments tender where STRAY KIDS shows all their love for the maknae, like when they let him put the star on the Christmas tree, aaawwww!

  • Jeongin putting the star on SKZ’s Christmas tree | Twitter: @jeekiesofjisung

When everyone waits for IN to be the first to taste the food before everyone else starts eating, they are so cute with their maknae.

  • STRAY KIDS waiting for IN to eat first for being the maknaeo | Twitter: @ dailyseung2

Sometimes SKZ is led by IN, just because he’s the maknae and his hyungs let him be.

  • Jeongin, maknae on top | Twitter: @JEONGINBRAND

This is the life of IN as maknaeHe is very cute and all the boys of STRAY KIDS love him very much and give him the great place he deserves.

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